Tuesday, May 28, 2013

10 Months of Alex

Yes I know this is incredibly late, but at least it is here!

Height & Weight:  No accurate measurements this month.

Diaper Size: Still in size 3 diapers. 

Feeding:  We are 100% table food!  You love everything we give you!  And to touch on your transition to whole milk, we are now 2 oz of formula and 4 oz of milk, you are doing incredibly well with it, you suck your bottles dry, but we have noticed you are spitting up again, not everyday, and not every other but probably 2-4 times a week. So after talking with the doctor we are going to give almond milk a try and if it does not change then we will try soy.  For more info on our decision to transition a little early click here. 

Sleeping:  Nothing much has changed here but you have been falling asleep on our chests again while we snuggle on the couch and we love it!!

Milestones:  As of May 6 you now have 9 teeth!  On the top you have your front 4 and 2 molars!!!  And on the bottom you have your 2 front teeth with the one next to them, on your left, just coming through.  You are still pulling up on everything and cruising along the furniture like it's your job.  We are working with you to stand independently but you are bull-headed like momma so I feel like we have a fight ahead.  But on the other hand you love to walk with your walker and don't want anyone's help to do so.  We are down to bottles for bedtime only and momma could not be happier. And you are doing well with only having the pacifier during naps and bedtime. 

Likes:  Food, Mickey Mouse, being tickled, pulling the diapers out of our new storage for the living room, and swinging outside.

Dislikes:  Being told no, you have become very sensitive to when mommy or daddy are leaving for work and it is your least favorite time of the day, making it very hard on momma.  We pick you up to give you a hug or a kiss goodbye and you flip your s***.  We are gonna have to get better at this kid or momma ill have to quit working, which is not an option. 

Adventures:  You went to your first wedding, for Uncle Nick and Aunt Theresa. And not much other than that.