Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thankful Thursday 1-31-13

I know I just posted about this 2 weeks ago, but today I am so thankful for my new job!

After being in orientation for the last few days I am really feeling like I found a great company to work for and I now work in such an encouraging environment.  

Well to save being so repetitive I will just conclude this with a great big...


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Way Back Wednesday 1-30-13

Chris and I have been together since September 2006.  We are going on 7 years this year!  :0!
I absolutely cannot believe how time has flown.

Today's Way Back Wednesday goes to 11-7-09 at a Bengals game where it wound up being about 70 degrees in November!  

We tailgated with family and friends before the game and then watched the Bengals play!  My definition of a perfect Sunday!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

After a long day...

So after a long day at Corporate Orientation I came home to a husband waiting by the door with my camera.  So cute!

And after putting on my comfy clothes and eating something I go to walk out of the room and this little fella decided to start crawling.  And wasn't even after me it was towards a cracker.  Well little buddy I think you are gonna gain some weight and being eating a lot of crackers over the next few days until this is an all the time thing.

And my vacuum will be getting used a heck of a lot more!

Monday, January 28, 2013

1st Day of Orientation!!!

So here I sit at my first day of corporate orientation for my new job!! I already feel like I belong here and that God sent me here.

The smallest things about this job are making me so excited. When they handed me my badge this morning it was so amazing to finally have the red RN badge under my name and to have a picture of me on a badge. All things I have never had. All things that I feel really make you feel and look like a nurse, or a professional nurse.

To say I am nervous for my first day out of this building and in the floor, is an understatement. To say I am excited to finally be at this point in my career may just be the understatement of the century.

Now as far as me transitioning to be a night shift nurse again is another topic. So more on that to come.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Super Charged Sunday My Dream Bedroom Board

So since we finally painted our room to a color I like and now I am all about getting it to be perfect. 

SOOOO this is what is going on in my head.

I can't wait to get our Sleep Number bed next month!  

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Things are changing....

Recently Chris and I have been gearing up for big changes.  And not the kind of changes where we are adding to the family or getting a pet, but we are changing some things around the house. 

We plan to get the house the way we love it and getting it ready to sell.

We have planned to re-do each room in the house and make it the way we like it.  If we find at the end of the year if we are happier here we may decide to stay.  

But my big thing is organization.  We moved into the house after a family member had offered it to us and I think having seen the house in the perfection they had it in, I think I had all of these expectations.  

So now we are going on year 3, and I still feel like we are renting our house.

So over the next few months we plan to do a house overhaul!  We have already started the redo of our room and I will post what we have done so far later this week and I will be working on our "vision board" for the room.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Fun Tag Friday! Girly Questions Edition Pt. 1

1.  Is it cute when a guy kisses you on the forehead?

I absolutely love it when Chris kisses me on the forehead.  I think it is so romantic!
2.  Poofy dress or short party dress?

I say short"ish" party dress.

3.  Would you appreciate receiving a love letter?

I love receiving them.  I think they are great mementos to look back on and possibly even show your kids later in life.

4.  Do you hate when guys act different around their friends?

I think it is one thing for them to act different, that I can put up with, but when the change and become disrespectful and verbally abusive then it is an issue.

5.  Group or single dates?

I really like group dates right now.  I feel like Chris and I spend so much time together when we go out we don't have much to talk about it.  And group dates add a new aspect to things and help to bring up conversation points.

6.  Are diamonds a girls best friend?

As much as I love diamonds I feel like they are ordinary.  Hence the reason my Bridal set is blue topaz.

7.  Is your hair up or down?

Currently down and needs washed.  When I have to work it is up and when I am off I do my best to wear it down.

8.  Do you straighten your hair?

When we have somewhere nice to go.

9.  What is your favorite girly magazine?

Comso or People

10.  What is your favorite mascara?

I have two!  I put Covergirl ExactEyelights (for blue eyes) on first then do another coat with Maybelline Falsies Volume Express.

11.  Do you get your nails done?

I used to and I loved it, however they are just sanitary for babies and nurses.

12.  Small or large purses?


13.  Jeans or skirts?

Jeans in the winter and skirts in the summer

14.  Do you wear things even if they're uncomfortable if they are cute?

Umm no, the closest I will get is jeans that are a little too tight.

15.  Do you text a lot?


16.  What would you do if you got pregnant?

Well considering I have already been pregnant, I would love every minute of it.  But if I got pregnant now I have no idea the emotions I would feel.  I would probably try to pick a second job so we could catch up an bills and save money to move into a house sooner than we had planned.

17.  What's your favorite color?

Navy blue

18.  Heels or flats?

Both, but the majority of the time I wear heels of kitten wedges.

19.  Have you ever cried during a movie?

The Notebook gets me everytime but I am a sap, as far as crying at movies!

20.  Walmart or Target?

I think Target has better stuff, but Walmart's prices are better, unless you shop Target clearance.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thankful Thursday 1-24-13

Today I am so incredibly thankful for this man!

Through everything that has happened over the last few years, Chris has been there through it all.  He has been right there by my side no matter what.  He will never know how extremely grateful I really am for his love and support.

Wow!! We look like babies here!  This was us at my work Christmas party in 2009.  I picked out that sweater and shirt for Chris, which he hated and I loved, and he wore it, just for me.

Then later that month we went to The Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo, our yearly tradition.  Chris did not want to go, but saw how much it meant to me, and decided he would.  

Every single Bengals game!  I have never met someone he is so die hard for one team, and I absolutely love that about him. I think it proves just how loyal he is.  He is an incredible fan of his team and me.  Whenever I start to doubt anything about myself he is right there cheering me on and being the first person to tell me I can do it.

He supports my family!  Since my grandpa passed away, each year we do the Mini Heart Marathon in honor of him.  And I absolutely love that he is there without a doubt to support us.  Anytime a family member calls with a question or needs help doing something Chris is always the first to say yes.  

Then came our wedding day!  After so long of planning and getting ready for the day I was understandably stressed out.  I was probably not as nice as I could have been in the days leading up to it, but, Chris made me feel so relaxed and calm when he told me, "You know I don't care how anything else goes, only that you and I say I do."  How lucky am I?!?

And then this little miracle happened!  After being told I would never get pregnant without medical intervention, which you can read about here, we saw 2 pink lines!  We were both so taken aback and could not believe it.  From the day those lines showed up until the day Alex was born I saw such a change in Chris.  He grew up so much and began to put his needs last.  Everything became about this little boy.  

And that has definitely not changed since Alex was born, it has only gotten better.  Seeing these two interact is mesmerizing.  I can't wait to see how their relationship changes over time. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Did you know?

Did you know that I have a YouTube Channel?

You didn't?

Well you do now.

Go check us out at!

I am going to try to do more updates on there.  I am working with a new editing software and it is much easier now.  Also you may get to know a few more of my quirks!

Let me know if there is anything (appropriate) you would like me to do on there!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Trust Me Tuesday Bargain Hunting

Now I will be the first to admit I am not the best shopper, but since Alex was born I have more than ever only shopped when something was on sale, and only bought it if it was an excellent deal.

I shop all over. Kroger, Meijer, Aldi, Kohls, Babies R Us, and a variety of other stores.

For the most part we are back to shopping at Aldi for groceries.  It was a lot more convenient to go to Kroger since it is so close to our house, but over time we saw the $$ adding up.  

Aldi sells almost everything you could need food wise, and we have yet to have any kind of problem with them.  

Now I will admit I only buy the stuff for Alex at Kroger or Meijer.  I typically buy diapers at Meijer, but I buy the Kroger brand formula.   I buy his food wherever it is on sale, and his wipes at Costco.  I get their brand, it comes with 900 wipes for like $20.

But when it comes to clothes I must make a disclaimer.  I cannot remember when I last bought myself new clothes.  And for Alex I typically go to Kohls at the end of a season and stock up on stuff for him for the next year.  And if I need more but don't see anything at Kohl's then I head to the second hand shops in the area and I am able to get lots of stuff and it is usually in really good shape or brand new.  

I usually can get more for less at Kohl's when I find things I like but Once Upon a Child and stores like it are usually very nice here. 

So trust me, you don't have to spend a fortune to look good.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Mommy Must Have Mondays Car Seat Cover

So prior to Alex's birth I never registered for one of these, nor did I think I would really need one.  

I figured, well that is what they make coats for and if it's really cold I can grab a blanket.  That was until I learned how much of a sweater my boy was. 

In Alex's case I learned quickly that in a coat and hat in the back of my car, which does not get heat very well (no vents in the back) he would sweat like he just ran a marathon.  Needless to say I felt bad.

So not to long into our cold weather, like 2 days into it, I found myself at Babies R Us, looking at these bad boys.

I thought back to when I walked by them while doing our registry, I thought there would never be a need for them.  Now I would be shelling out the near $50 for one.  So I took my time and I found one that I really loved and that I knew Alex would like.

So I chose A J.J. Cole Bundle Me.  I like the velour exterior and the lambs woolesque interior which feels just like Alex's favorite blanket.  And I must say I am so pleased with how warm it keeps Alex. Most cold days we are able to just put him in his clothes, a jacket and a hat and he stays more than warm, if not sweaty.

So don't stuff your baby in the fluffy snow suit each time you go out, buy one of these bad boys and your baby is sure to stay warm.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Super Charged Sunday Our Sick Baby Tips RSV 1-20-13

Now let me just put a precursor at the start of this blog by saying this is only what we do, have been told to do or family has said has worked for them. This is by no means saying this will work for you, and definitely not saying these are the only things you do for RSV.

The first thing we start our routine with is the bulb suction. Now Alex absolutely hates this, in fact when he sees it comin' he flips his lid. I use this until I get no secretions back, or I cannot see any in either nostril. Now it is important to only use this when you see secretions in the nostril, because it can be harmful and can cause the nose to bleed. And I do this whenever he is awake and I see secretions, if he is sleeping peacefully I do not wake him.

Next we take the boogie wipes and wipe off any dried on boogers and then any secretions that may have gotten on his face or his hands while he is squirming to get away from me. I prefer the grape scented to the regular but to each his own.

We then follow up with Vicks baby rub on his chest and feet. When we went to the doctor on Thursday we did not see our regular pediatrician. The doctor we saw told us not to use any type of Vicks. I called back on Friday and spoke one on one with our pediatrician, which is why I like him so much, and he said to put the Vicks on his feet at nap time and on his chest during the day, to help him rest more comfortably. I have had a lot of family members recommend this also saying it worked for their children.

Now the one important thing with Vicks is that you make sure you wash it completely off before going outside with it on. Vicks opens your pores and with it on in the cold weather it would make you more susceptible to infection or illness. It also works very well to avoid smelling foul smells which is why I always carry it in my work bag.

Other things we have been doing include whenever he is awake we place Alex in his Mamas and Papas Baby Snug. This keeps him upright and also helps him cough up mucus. And when he is tired or sleeping for nap time we prop him in his Boppy Pillow is his crib. At night we place it under the mattress so that he can sleep propped up safely.

And finally the best thing I think we have in our arsenal other than the bulb suction is Our Vicks Vaporizer. We are able to put a Vicks Vapopad into it, the air as it comes out goes through that pad and the whole room smells of Vicks, which opens all of our airways. And since our bedrooms are all on the same level we place it in the hallway at night and we can smell it throughout.

I hope none of you guys ever have to go through what I am right now in watching your baby feel miserable. But if you do make sure you ask your doctor before performing any of these things.

Friday, January 18, 2013

We could use your well wishes....

So I am sitting here on our iPad and cuddled up to my sick baby boy. He got diagnosed with RSV on Thursday and it may just have me more worried than I need to be, which is another downfall of being a nurse.

He is so congested and tired all the time that it is pitiful. Of course I know what to watch for but until my sweet boy is better I am going to be a nervous wreck. Every cough sends a knife into my heart because there is nothing I can do but pray and hope he gets better without it getting much worse.

So tonight I would just appreciate it if you could pray for us.

Fun Tag Friday Weird Facts Edition

1.  What's a nickname only your family calls you?

Well some of them call me Jughead or Gump but the rest of them just call me Cait.

2.  What's a weird habit of yours?

Um I have no idea.  I would probably say that I don't do anything when I get home from work until I am in my pj's, and completely comfy.

3.  Do you have weird phobias?

I am terribly afraid of boats.

4.  What song do you love to secretly blast and belt out when you are alone?

The Only Way I Know by Jason Aldean with Luke Bryan and Eric Church.

5.  What's one of your biggest pet peeves?

This would definitely be the crinkling of potato chip bags or chewing with your mouth open.

6.  What's one of your nervous habits?

I tap my toes when I am nervous.

7.  What side of the bed do you sleep on?

When facing the bed I sleep on the left.

8.  What was your first stuffed animal and it's name?

Well I got a puppet dog from my uncle the day I was born but I don't think I ever named it.

9.  Which way do you face in the shower?

I face away from the water until it is time to wash my face.

10.  Do you have any weird body skills?

Um I can wiggle my nose.

11.  What's your favorite comfort food/food that's bad for you but you eat it anyways?

French Fries and Ice Cream.

12.  What's a phrase or exclamation you always say?

Holy Moly or Crap are my go to phraes.

13.  Time to sleep, what are you actually wearing?

A tank top and pj shorts, no socks.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thankful Thursday! 1-16-13

So this Thursday I am incredibly grateful for my new job offer!  

After it being so long since my interview and not hearing much I finally got the call this week!  I am over the moon excited.  (i love you and i so proud of u love your husband.)  That is what happens when I leave a post I am working on up.  

I have been praying and praying that something would turn up with this job.  I had just gotten to the point where I thought there was no way I would get it, and had started telling people they had chosen someone else.  

Then today (Monday) after we got back from Alex's 6 month checkup I got the call.

I can remember seeing the number pop and thinking ok, this is either the official decline or someone in my family is hurt.  With panic in my voice I said, "Hello?"  and I immiediately heard the HR director voice and thought, "Oh here it goes..."  Then she threw the curveball and offered the job.  

With it being a night shift position I needed to really think about it, and get babysitting nailed down.  

But shortly after I called her back and accepted and I am so happy no to be a part of this hospitals team.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Go Ask Your Doctor...

Ok so I have worked in the healthcare field for 6 years now.  I can't believe it has been that long.

If you ask any nurse most of us will answer that we are afraid to wear our uniform out.  Some will say it is because they feel dirty, and others will say it is because they want to leave their work responsibilities at work and not have to worry about if someone passes out or codes (their heart stops beating) that they will be looked to have all the answers, for fear they could get in trouble.

In my case I am only the first of the two, I feel that if someone passes out or codes it is my duty to respond, and that I am protected by the Good Samaritan Law.

My biggest fear when wearing my scrubs out is, a lot more simple than that and I always give the same answer.  I very seldom wear my scrubs anywhere other than work because I am afraid of the average Joe that will stop me and say, "Are you a nurse?"  Those are the 4 words no nurse ever wants to hear at the grocery store.  

And I cannot believe how many times it has been asked of me. 

Some have said, "You know I have had this thing on my back for such and such number of months."  I always stop them right there and say, "I really can't tell you what to do, you need to ask your doctor."  And if you would believe it a few times they give me dirty looks or have even called me names.  

A nurse is smarter than you think, but we are not allowed to diagnose you with anything and we sure as heck are not allowed to tell you to take medicine.  We can only make suggestions.  

So take my advice, if you have a doubt just go ask your doctor!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Alex's 6 Month Review


We welcomed you to the world after many months of anticipation on 7-7-12 at 7:23 pm weighing 8 lbs 13.1 oz and measuring 22 inches long.  Immediately I knew I was meant to be a mother.  And I felt like I had known you forever.  Every cry or whimper I felt like you were channeling my brain to tell me what you wanted.  

You spent a few very nerve wracking days in the NICU, which looking back on it, I am really sorry I did not spend more time there, but Mommy got sick too and I had to take care of myself.

You had so many firsts that month and there were so many pictures to choose from but this one will always be my favorite.


This is my favorite picture from August.  Seeing you get baptised through the light of Christ was incredible.  And seeing how many people where there to show their support for you was also incredible.  Your Godmother and Godfather could not be better role models and you are so lucky to have them, as are we.  

Father J, who baptised you and married Mommy & Daddy, I hope to one be one of your mentors.  He is an incredibly smart and honest man.  He goes above and beyond for our parish.  He has advised Mommy through many hard times and we were so happy he could be there for the start of your travels in the Catholic Faith.


Now we did not do much in September since this is the month Mommy started back to work.  However we did make a few outings, including one to your Uncle's football game, where this picture came from. I love your little sunhat.


In October we took our first family vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC.  It is a vacation that Mommy's family goes on every year in October to celebrate Grandma Great's birthday.  We had so much fun and can't wait to go back again this year (we hope)!  


Every Saturday since you were born Mommy has been taking your picture for a special photo book.  And this particular Saturday you gave me an amazing "session" filled with funny faces. This was the first month your personality really started to show.  


December, what can I say about December?  Oh well, you had the most amazing first Christmas EVER!  We saw Santa and opened LOTs of presents, and met some of your family for the first time.  It was such a jam packed month that I wish it would have gone a little slower.

Monday, January 14, 2013

6 Months of Alex!

Oh my goodness!  Did 6 months really just fly by?  Is my son really growing this fast?

So I guess it is time to recap on the last month and then later this week I will post a 6 month recap.  But every time I work on it I have a meltdown!

Look how big he is!  And as you can tell by the picture he is full of personality and life.

Height:  28 inches
 Weight:  17 lbs 8 oz

Head Circumference:  43.5 cm

Diaper Size: Size 3

Feeding:  Alex is doing so well with food.  You have tried everything but peaches now and I am still so very nervous to give them to you.  But due to a new addition for you, you have been experimenting with finger foods under close supervision of Mommy or Daddy.   

Sleep:  Your sleep patterns are still the same (still sleeping for upwards of 12 hours straight) and Mommy and Daddy know how blessed we are for that.  And you are now in your crib until about 7 or 8 in the morning when you come into our room, have a bottle and go back to sleep until about 10.  You also put yourself to sleep very well.  I lay you in your crib when you start to get fussy and you may play with your sensory balls for a few minutes or sometimes even fuss, but a few minutes later you are asleep for the night.

Milestones:  You are a backwards crawler!  You do it all the time.  You also roll ALL OVER THE PLACE!     We have baby proofed everything but you still manage to roll and hit your head on the wall or your toy box.  You also are able to sit on your own.  You can do it for minutes at a time if someone is around, but you much prefer to be on your belly and roll around, so most of the time you have no interest in sitting up.  You are also holding your bottle with each feed.  And you have a tooth!!  

It is hard to see in this photo but it is the bottom right, you can see it though.  And after admiring that tooth today I can see that the tooth next to it is about to break through also.

Loves:  Your toes, anything hard to chew on, and food!  You love baby food and finger foods!

Dislikes:  Things being taken away from you, seeing your bottle and not getting it right away, and hats.

Adventures:  Well we celebrated your first Christmas and New Years.  We also had your 6 month pictures taken.  And we survived the "End of The World."

Like I said at the beginning of this post I will be doing a 6 month recap later in the week, or maybe next :).

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Super Charged Sunday My Most Recent Meltdown

So if you read my Thankful Thursday from this past week you may have seen that life has been a little rough for us recently.  There are days where it is hard to cope with and others where I see that God is trying to show me just how strong I am.  

So this week I must say it was a good week.  I have to admit I put way too much emphasis on my bad days, but this week I was made aware that it can always be worse and I need to focus on the positive.  

When you work in the field of nursing, no matter which division that may be, it is nearly impossible to never experience death.  We are taught both sides of the spectrum, to do everything possible and the patient may still pass away or to provide them with the best quality of life until they pass away. 

I have experienced this one too many times at work and in my personal life.

And this week provided me with the wake up call I needed to remember that life may have good and bad days but in the end if the ones I love are alive and well I have nothing to complain about.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Alex's 6 Month Photo Shoot

Be still my heart!  

I have never seen my baby boy look so much like a heart breaker!  

When it came time to schedule Alex's 6 month photo shoot I knew exactly the Pinterest pin I wanted to model it off of.  

My cousin Rachel, who is a photographer and owner of Faith, Trust and Pixel Dust Photography, did Alex's 3 month shots and now his 6 month shots, did such a fantastic job.  

I made the sign on a 16x20 canvas, as I originally made it to be a part of my Valentine's Day decorations, but Rachel and I thought it would be an excellent edition to the photos.

So ladies lock up your daughters cause there is a new stud on the loose!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Fun Tag Friday Fifty Shades of Grey Edition

OK as embarrassed as I am to admit that I read all three of these books I have to admit they were excellent.  

They were quick and easy reads, and also very good at getting your heart racing.

Now I finished them quite some time ago, and plan on rereading them very soon.

But while looking for blog material I am across this tag and thought it would be very fun to do.


1. Who/What got you started on this triology?

That would be my friends Becky & Theresa.  They kept tellling me how good they were, so I had to give them a shot.

2.  Did you purchase or borrow hard books or buy ebooks?

I purchased hard copies of the first two books and then bought the third on our Kindle, to take to the hospital with me when little man was born.

3.  What book/chapter are you on?  How long did it take you to finish the books?

It took me about a week to do the first two.  Then I started the third and had Alex so that one took me about a month!

4.  Is this your first erotic romance novel?  If not name one you would recommend.

Yes this is my first erotic romance novel.

5.  What was your initial impression of Christian?

That he sounded incredibly gorgeous but had a huge ego.

6.  What is your favorite Christian phrase?

   "Laters baby."

7.  Do you feel the book really is as degrading toward women as many critics have proclaimed? 

No I do not think it is degrading.  Ana is over the age of 18 and makes the decisions based on what she wants.  Christian offers her many times to leave and she says no.

8.  If you were Ana would you stick around with such a control freak like Christian?

Um probably not.  I am pretty hell bent in my ways and do not like to be told what to do.  (Outside of work that is)

9.  There was a wonderful cast of supporting actors in this book.  Who was your favorite and why?  

I think Taylor the body guard was my favorite.  He just always seemed to be there when Ana was having a weak moment and needed someone there.

10.  Why do you think this book was so popular especially amongst the suburban mom population?

I think it was so popular because it was a step into their fantasies and the book was written so it felt like you were Ana.

11.  Would you mind if your significant other knew you were reading this book? How does he feel about it?

Well lets just sum this up as my husband loved me reading this book.

12.  At the end of the book we got to see how all of it went down from Christian's point of view.  Would you buy the books again if they came out in Christians point of view?

Um heck yes!
13.  If you had to sum up this trilogy in one word or phrase what would it be and why?


14.  Would you recommend this book to your family and friends?  If so how many have you raved about it to so far?

I have recommended it to a lot of people since I read them.  Everyone that asks me I tell them how excellent it was.

15.  What actor do you what to play Christian in the film portrayal?  And which actress to play Ana?

Well I am still pulling for

Although I do believe Matt Baumer is more in the front running.  But how can you resist his eyes and muscles!

And for Ana even when I read the book I pictured her as Alexis Bledel.