Sunday, January 13, 2013

Super Charged Sunday My Most Recent Meltdown

So if you read my Thankful Thursday from this past week you may have seen that life has been a little rough for us recently.  There are days where it is hard to cope with and others where I see that God is trying to show me just how strong I am.  

So this week I must say it was a good week.  I have to admit I put way too much emphasis on my bad days, but this week I was made aware that it can always be worse and I need to focus on the positive.  

When you work in the field of nursing, no matter which division that may be, it is nearly impossible to never experience death.  We are taught both sides of the spectrum, to do everything possible and the patient may still pass away or to provide them with the best quality of life until they pass away. 

I have experienced this one too many times at work and in my personal life.

And this week provided me with the wake up call I needed to remember that life may have good and bad days but in the end if the ones I love are alive and well I have nothing to complain about.


  1. Your son is absolutely adorable!!

    1. Thank you!!! I just found this comment. Your little ones are super cute too!