Monday, January 21, 2013

Mommy Must Have Mondays Car Seat Cover

So prior to Alex's birth I never registered for one of these, nor did I think I would really need one.  

I figured, well that is what they make coats for and if it's really cold I can grab a blanket.  That was until I learned how much of a sweater my boy was. 

In Alex's case I learned quickly that in a coat and hat in the back of my car, which does not get heat very well (no vents in the back) he would sweat like he just ran a marathon.  Needless to say I felt bad.

So not to long into our cold weather, like 2 days into it, I found myself at Babies R Us, looking at these bad boys.

I thought back to when I walked by them while doing our registry, I thought there would never be a need for them.  Now I would be shelling out the near $50 for one.  So I took my time and I found one that I really loved and that I knew Alex would like.

So I chose A J.J. Cole Bundle Me.  I like the velour exterior and the lambs woolesque interior which feels just like Alex's favorite blanket.  And I must say I am so pleased with how warm it keeps Alex. Most cold days we are able to just put him in his clothes, a jacket and a hat and he stays more than warm, if not sweaty.

So don't stuff your baby in the fluffy snow suit each time you go out, buy one of these bad boys and your baby is sure to stay warm.

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