Friday, January 11, 2013

Fun Tag Friday Fifty Shades of Grey Edition

OK as embarrassed as I am to admit that I read all three of these books I have to admit they were excellent.  

They were quick and easy reads, and also very good at getting your heart racing.

Now I finished them quite some time ago, and plan on rereading them very soon.

But while looking for blog material I am across this tag and thought it would be very fun to do.


1. Who/What got you started on this triology?

That would be my friends Becky & Theresa.  They kept tellling me how good they were, so I had to give them a shot.

2.  Did you purchase or borrow hard books or buy ebooks?

I purchased hard copies of the first two books and then bought the third on our Kindle, to take to the hospital with me when little man was born.

3.  What book/chapter are you on?  How long did it take you to finish the books?

It took me about a week to do the first two.  Then I started the third and had Alex so that one took me about a month!

4.  Is this your first erotic romance novel?  If not name one you would recommend.

Yes this is my first erotic romance novel.

5.  What was your initial impression of Christian?

That he sounded incredibly gorgeous but had a huge ego.

6.  What is your favorite Christian phrase?

   "Laters baby."

7.  Do you feel the book really is as degrading toward women as many critics have proclaimed? 

No I do not think it is degrading.  Ana is over the age of 18 and makes the decisions based on what she wants.  Christian offers her many times to leave and she says no.

8.  If you were Ana would you stick around with such a control freak like Christian?

Um probably not.  I am pretty hell bent in my ways and do not like to be told what to do.  (Outside of work that is)

9.  There was a wonderful cast of supporting actors in this book.  Who was your favorite and why?  

I think Taylor the body guard was my favorite.  He just always seemed to be there when Ana was having a weak moment and needed someone there.

10.  Why do you think this book was so popular especially amongst the suburban mom population?

I think it was so popular because it was a step into their fantasies and the book was written so it felt like you were Ana.

11.  Would you mind if your significant other knew you were reading this book? How does he feel about it?

Well lets just sum this up as my husband loved me reading this book.

12.  At the end of the book we got to see how all of it went down from Christian's point of view.  Would you buy the books again if they came out in Christians point of view?

Um heck yes!
13.  If you had to sum up this trilogy in one word or phrase what would it be and why?


14.  Would you recommend this book to your family and friends?  If so how many have you raved about it to so far?

I have recommended it to a lot of people since I read them.  Everyone that asks me I tell them how excellent it was.

15.  What actor do you what to play Christian in the film portrayal?  And which actress to play Ana?

Well I am still pulling for

Although I do believe Matt Baumer is more in the front running.  But how can you resist his eyes and muscles!

And for Ana even when I read the book I pictured her as Alexis Bledel.

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