Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thankful Thursday 1-24-13

Today I am so incredibly thankful for this man!

Through everything that has happened over the last few years, Chris has been there through it all.  He has been right there by my side no matter what.  He will never know how extremely grateful I really am for his love and support.

Wow!! We look like babies here!  This was us at my work Christmas party in 2009.  I picked out that sweater and shirt for Chris, which he hated and I loved, and he wore it, just for me.

Then later that month we went to The Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo, our yearly tradition.  Chris did not want to go, but saw how much it meant to me, and decided he would.  

Every single Bengals game!  I have never met someone he is so die hard for one team, and I absolutely love that about him. I think it proves just how loyal he is.  He is an incredible fan of his team and me.  Whenever I start to doubt anything about myself he is right there cheering me on and being the first person to tell me I can do it.

He supports my family!  Since my grandpa passed away, each year we do the Mini Heart Marathon in honor of him.  And I absolutely love that he is there without a doubt to support us.  Anytime a family member calls with a question or needs help doing something Chris is always the first to say yes.  

Then came our wedding day!  After so long of planning and getting ready for the day I was understandably stressed out.  I was probably not as nice as I could have been in the days leading up to it, but, Chris made me feel so relaxed and calm when he told me, "You know I don't care how anything else goes, only that you and I say I do."  How lucky am I?!?

And then this little miracle happened!  After being told I would never get pregnant without medical intervention, which you can read about here, we saw 2 pink lines!  We were both so taken aback and could not believe it.  From the day those lines showed up until the day Alex was born I saw such a change in Chris.  He grew up so much and began to put his needs last.  Everything became about this little boy.  

And that has definitely not changed since Alex was born, it has only gotten better.  Seeing these two interact is mesmerizing.  I can't wait to see how their relationship changes over time. 

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