Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Trust Me Tuesday! Pictures Edition

OK so it seems I have picked a theme recently.  I have been on a picture kick.  I have been doing photo a day challenges on Instagram, and making all sorts of photo albums on Shutterfly for Alex and I am trying to work up the motivation to do one as a family year book.

But in today's Trust me Tuesday blog I want to STRESS to you how important it is to take pictures of your babies fall the time!

Now I am a young mom so I do not have much to say as far as regretting not taking pictures but my mom sure does.  

She is always saying how she wishes she would have taken more pics of all of my brothers and sisters growing up.  She has a ton of me, but you know how it goes, the more kids you have the less pictures you take.  

So this is my point, make time to take the photos, if not by you then at least once a year! 

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