Sunday, January 20, 2013

Super Charged Sunday Our Sick Baby Tips RSV 1-20-13

Now let me just put a precursor at the start of this blog by saying this is only what we do, have been told to do or family has said has worked for them. This is by no means saying this will work for you, and definitely not saying these are the only things you do for RSV.

The first thing we start our routine with is the bulb suction. Now Alex absolutely hates this, in fact when he sees it comin' he flips his lid. I use this until I get no secretions back, or I cannot see any in either nostril. Now it is important to only use this when you see secretions in the nostril, because it can be harmful and can cause the nose to bleed. And I do this whenever he is awake and I see secretions, if he is sleeping peacefully I do not wake him.

Next we take the boogie wipes and wipe off any dried on boogers and then any secretions that may have gotten on his face or his hands while he is squirming to get away from me. I prefer the grape scented to the regular but to each his own.

We then follow up with Vicks baby rub on his chest and feet. When we went to the doctor on Thursday we did not see our regular pediatrician. The doctor we saw told us not to use any type of Vicks. I called back on Friday and spoke one on one with our pediatrician, which is why I like him so much, and he said to put the Vicks on his feet at nap time and on his chest during the day, to help him rest more comfortably. I have had a lot of family members recommend this also saying it worked for their children.

Now the one important thing with Vicks is that you make sure you wash it completely off before going outside with it on. Vicks opens your pores and with it on in the cold weather it would make you more susceptible to infection or illness. It also works very well to avoid smelling foul smells which is why I always carry it in my work bag.

Other things we have been doing include whenever he is awake we place Alex in his Mamas and Papas Baby Snug. This keeps him upright and also helps him cough up mucus. And when he is tired or sleeping for nap time we prop him in his Boppy Pillow is his crib. At night we place it under the mattress so that he can sleep propped up safely.

And finally the best thing I think we have in our arsenal other than the bulb suction is Our Vicks Vaporizer. We are able to put a Vicks Vapopad into it, the air as it comes out goes through that pad and the whole room smells of Vicks, which opens all of our airways. And since our bedrooms are all on the same level we place it in the hallway at night and we can smell it throughout.

I hope none of you guys ever have to go through what I am right now in watching your baby feel miserable. But if you do make sure you ask your doctor before performing any of these things.

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