Wednesday, January 25, 2012

16 weeks pregnant!!

OK so I am back with another update!

This week has been a little crazy but also very fun!

We began week 16 on 1/21/12 and Mommy was quite the happy camper!

After a weekend of VERY good sleep and work Mommy started having heart palpitations at work on Monday morning at the end of her shift!  QUITE SCARY!  They were nonstop for 45 minutes then would come every 5 - 10.  They were taking Mommy's breath away so off to the ER we went, per Dr's orders.

By the time we got there they were happening 1 or 2 times per hour but were still taking my breath away, so the doctors put mommy on a heart monitor for awhile, listened to your heartbeat, it was 135, and told me to relax.

So after about 2 hours of monitoring they sent us home and told us to talk to our OBGYN about it the next day. 

Dr. W took a listen to Mommy's heart and your own and heard nothing abnormal.  So she referred us to a cardiologist which we will be seeing very soon.


How far along today?: 16 weeks and 4 days.
Style:  Maternity shirts for the most parts, I bought maternity scrubs, WHICH I LOVE!, and when at home pajama's.
Growing?: Yes!
Best moment of the week?: Hearing your heart beat.
Cravings: McDonalds fries are out the window and now I can't say I really crave anything this week.
Baby moving yet?: We heard lots of movement but I did not feel it, so I must have been wrong.
Still nauseous?: Only when I have a large build up of phlegm in my throat.
Belly button popped?: Nope
Wedding rings on or off?: On, but get tighter and looser throughout the day.
Mood: Tired!
Gender: Not yet

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

15 weeks pregnant!

So not much intro today.... I am soo tired, and VERY cold! Our heat is out and we could not get a repair guy until tomorrow!  BRR!  SO I am typing in a hoody, t-shirt, sweats, 2 pairs of socks and my UGG's, and wrapped up in a comforter! Good thing I am a blanket hoarder!

How far along today?: 15 weeks and 4 days
Style:  Continues with the scrubs or lounge clothes.  I need to invest in maternity scrubs though!
Growing?: OH YES!! I think it is now looking more and more obvious in my scrubs!
Best moment of the week?: Getting Chris on board with waiting to find out until the gender reveal!
Cravings: Well the McDonald's french fries are still a must have, and my love for pizza was brought back full force this week.  HOWEVER... they both have given me a true understanding of heartburn!
Baby moving yet?: Still have the same feeling on my bladder.
Still nauseous?: One vomiting episode this week after 10 hours of uniterrupted sleep, so I guess it really does not count.
Belly Button popped?: Nope
Wedding rings on or off?: On
Mood: Extremely tired and when I don't get my sleep, which has happened a lot this week, or when I am freezing I can be a bit of a handful.
Gender?: Not yet

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

14 weeks pregnant!

Well here I am again with another update!

I can't believe how quickly but yet how slowly this weeks seems to have gone.  Perhaps it is just the fact that I am practically counting down the seconds until it is time for our next appointment so we can hear Baby R's heartbeat again.  I REALLY must record it next time.

How far along today?: Well the above photo was taken at 14 weeks 3 days but it is after midnight so I am now 14 weeks 4 days.
Style:  Let's just say this is a pj's or scrubs kind of week.  Mommy has been sooo tired!
Growing?: I defintily, definitly see a difference in my lower abdomen.  I had a small pre-pregnancy pooch, that has now grown outwards and hardened, without any weight gain!  And I can feel the top of my uterus!
Best moment of the week:  Looking at which crib and bedding set we want for our Baby R!
Cravings?:  Well for the last few years BC and I have sworn off McDonald's, we had seen an article about their food and were just completely turned off, however this week I cannot get enough of McDonald's french fries!  Another one that hit this week was craving milk, which is not completely normal for since I tend to shy away from it.

Baby moving yet?:  I still have the same feeling of something rolling on my bladder, so I guess we will have to wait and see at the Dr's appointment if I could possibly be feeling baby.
Still nauseous?:  I have my moments, but have not gotten sick this week!  But I have been VERY close!
Belly button popped?:  Nope, I don't think it will, it is very much so an "innie."
Wedding rings on or off?: On
Mood:  I have continued with the exhaustion, but I did get the energy yesterday to go but the materials to make Daddy's birthday/ your gender reveal party invites!  They have turned out VERY cute!
Gender: Not yet!

So it has been on my to do list since week 8 or 9 to start making pregnancy vlogs....well I still have yet to make one so I am going to go shower now and get "presentable" and make one.  I have A LOT to share in this video so it will probably be a three parter.

Other than that I am dragging myself to my work today since they are having a scrub vendor come.  The point has come where my scrubs are becoming uncomfortable around my stomach and I must see if they offer maternity scrubs or can order them for me.  BLAAAH I HATE CLOTHES SHOPPING!!

Daddy on the other hand has had a good week, he got a very good annual review and a raise.  He got to work out a few times this week and we spent some great quality time together this week.

Well see you all next week!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Life, money and the adventures of not having any!


Geez-ul peetz! I am sitting here writing in front of my computer putting off the cleaning that REALLY needs to be, simply because I am thinking about four letters L-I-F-E!

BC and I are in for a lot of changes in what I am sure will feel like a very short amount of time.  So of course being the panicker and "planner" that I am the figures just start rolling through my head and I kind of freak out!  Well a lot freak out!!! 

The biggest item on my plate today is my work.  GRRR..... I started my job in April as a night shift nurse at a local nursing home.  It is not my favorite job in the world but I love the people I take care of.  At the start of my job they informed that each employee is allowed 6 abscences a year from the date of hire until your "hire date" the next year.  

When I was originally hired I thought, well that won't be a problem.  Well I must have jynxed myself because I would have never thought I would be right on the cusp of that limit.  However I must say I would be nowhere near that limit had I not had to have had a spinal tap, a blood patch and had I not gotten preggo.  

Now don't think all of those things are a burden, because they definitely are not!! Had I not had my spinal tap I would have never found the reason for my headaches and found the appropriate way to treat them.  I probably would have wound up on several different types of medicines trying to treat them with no relief.  Had I not had my spinal tap I would not have realized how important it is to care for your eyes and spine.  

Because I had the spinal tap, I also wound up having to have a blood patch performed 2 days later.  Had this not happened I probably would have died.  I have never been in such pain in my life.  I must say this also changed my outlook drastically on how I care for the pain of my residents/patients.  Not to mention it has changed my beside manner after seeing how I do NOT want to be treated or treat others.

So all in all that resulted in 2 or more missed work days, all with a doctors note and yet it still grows my tally of abscense.

The next month, October, I missed one day of work due to illness.  Now mind you, I am what I would say very prone to sickness.  I can garuntee that I have at least 4 or 5 days during cold and flu season that I am physically ill, head in the toilet, and etc etc etc.  One of those days happened to be in October and April, adding 2 more days to my total.

During October I had been trying to get put back onto my birth control but due to my whacked out hormones it was a little delayed.  Also during this time it was further investigated that I would need medical intervention to get pregnant.  Therefore BC and I thought we were safe to only use minimal forms of birth control.  Well it must have been a good month because during October I became pregnant.  

Since 7 weeks and 2 days I have been absolutely miserable with all day sickness, I have no idea why they call it morning sickness, since it rarely ever happens in the morning!  To my memory I have missed 3 days of work for this.  All of which I have a Dr's note for, one that I forgot at the office and need to pick up!, but they are still counted as 2 days absent.

So to my total I am at 6 days absent.  I am praying and praying that I do not have to miss ANY more days of work or that my work is EXTREMELY forgiving!  

UGH! Well I thought writing this would put me more at ease but it seems to have just made it worse!  Now I am looking around my house thinking, oh what will I do, I can't afford to be jobless again!  So I guess I am off to make a Plato's closet run and to see what all Mr. Craigslist can sell for me! 

Monday, January 2, 2012

13 weeks pregnant!

BC and I are completely thrilled that we have made it to this milestone!!!

This week has definitely had it's ups and downs but it ended on a very high note, which was the beginning of a new year.  This year will be packed FULL of new things for the 2 of us.  It is almost scary to think about all of the changes we are about to encounter.

As we were driving to our NYE celebration we got to talking and BC pointed out that next year we will probably be at home with our Baby R asleep before midnight.  HOW EXCITING to think about!!!

So I plan on doing these weekly belly shot updates every week, DUH, and adding a little info about my week below the photos.  Any post you get in between will just be a bonus!

SOOO on Mommy's side:

How far along today?: 13 weeks 2 days
Style?: I have begun to wear some maternity shirts that I have purchased simply because my boobs have made it impossible to wear most of my normal clothes.  But I can still fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans I just have to hold them closed with a hair-tye.
Growing?:  I can definitely notice a difference between this week and last in shape.  But my abdomen has started to harden.  As far as stretch marks go, I had some before Baby and sadly now they are darkening.
Best moment of the week?:  Ringing in the new year with my husband, it was our first NYE as husband and wife!, and some of my amazing family.
Cravings?:  OMG YES!! I am dying for a BIG glass of wine and some bleu cheese and fried chicken!  I am allowed to eat fried chicken, however, Baby does not like it!
Baby moving yet?:  It is probably gas or my intestines but I could swear that I feel Baby R rolling on my bladder.  It is like I am putting pressure on one side of my bladder and then all of a sudden without myself moving the pressure shifts to the other side.
Still nauseous?: Yes but I must admit it has been worse, I.E. end of week 12!
Belly button popped?: Nope
Wedding rings on or off?: On
Mood?: Exhausted most of the time.  But overall VERY happy!
Gender?: Not yet.....

Mommy and Daddy have begun the preparations for your gender reveal party.  We are planning to tell everyone for your Daddy's birthday party in February.  It is so exciting to begin imagining who you will be.  We have consulted with a few "experts" on the names we have chosen and all are in agreeance that they are beautiful/handsome names.

However Mommy and Daddy have differing opinions as to who you will be.
Mommy's gut says girl.
Daddy's gut says boy.

It seems like forever away but we will know who you are before too long.

Love you Baby R!