Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Life, money and the adventures of not having any!


Geez-ul peetz! I am sitting here writing in front of my computer putting off the cleaning that REALLY needs to be, simply because I am thinking about four letters L-I-F-E!

BC and I are in for a lot of changes in what I am sure will feel like a very short amount of time.  So of course being the panicker and "planner" that I am the figures just start rolling through my head and I kind of freak out!  Well a lot freak out!!! 

The biggest item on my plate today is my work.  GRRR..... I started my job in April as a night shift nurse at a local nursing home.  It is not my favorite job in the world but I love the people I take care of.  At the start of my job they informed that each employee is allowed 6 abscences a year from the date of hire until your "hire date" the next year.  

When I was originally hired I thought, well that won't be a problem.  Well I must have jynxed myself because I would have never thought I would be right on the cusp of that limit.  However I must say I would be nowhere near that limit had I not had to have had a spinal tap, a blood patch and had I not gotten preggo.  

Now don't think all of those things are a burden, because they definitely are not!! Had I not had my spinal tap I would have never found the reason for my headaches and found the appropriate way to treat them.  I probably would have wound up on several different types of medicines trying to treat them with no relief.  Had I not had my spinal tap I would not have realized how important it is to care for your eyes and spine.  

Because I had the spinal tap, I also wound up having to have a blood patch performed 2 days later.  Had this not happened I probably would have died.  I have never been in such pain in my life.  I must say this also changed my outlook drastically on how I care for the pain of my residents/patients.  Not to mention it has changed my beside manner after seeing how I do NOT want to be treated or treat others.

So all in all that resulted in 2 or more missed work days, all with a doctors note and yet it still grows my tally of abscense.

The next month, October, I missed one day of work due to illness.  Now mind you, I am what I would say very prone to sickness.  I can garuntee that I have at least 4 or 5 days during cold and flu season that I am physically ill, head in the toilet, and etc etc etc.  One of those days happened to be in October and April, adding 2 more days to my total.

During October I had been trying to get put back onto my birth control but due to my whacked out hormones it was a little delayed.  Also during this time it was further investigated that I would need medical intervention to get pregnant.  Therefore BC and I thought we were safe to only use minimal forms of birth control.  Well it must have been a good month because during October I became pregnant.  

Since 7 weeks and 2 days I have been absolutely miserable with all day sickness, I have no idea why they call it morning sickness, since it rarely ever happens in the morning!  To my memory I have missed 3 days of work for this.  All of which I have a Dr's note for, one that I forgot at the office and need to pick up!, but they are still counted as 2 days absent.

So to my total I am at 6 days absent.  I am praying and praying that I do not have to miss ANY more days of work or that my work is EXTREMELY forgiving!  

UGH! Well I thought writing this would put me more at ease but it seems to have just made it worse!  Now I am looking around my house thinking, oh what will I do, I can't afford to be jobless again!  So I guess I am off to make a Plato's closet run and to see what all Mr. Craigslist can sell for me! 

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