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Falling for you...

You know that Marshmallow Fireside candle I got the other day...well it is half way gone!

As some of you may know I sell for the company Thirty-One and I am currently a Senior Consultant.  I am looking to grow my business and in doing so I am expanding my merchandise.  Here are a few things I ordered and came in the mail this week:

The top is a hanging wall organizer and the bottom is a lunch tote.

Today was the first day where I really felt like it was fall.  BC on the other hand probably thought it was spring with the amount of cleaning and organizing that I was doing.  Poor guy, lol.  I have recently been on a cleaning spree.  Not to where I have to do it everyday and my house does not have to be spotless but it would just be nice to be able to see our master bedroom floor more often.  Today I embarked on the mission to get it truly clean.  I dusted every piece of furniture, put everything away in the right spot and vacuumed twice.  I cannot tell you the last time that floor was so clean, oh yes I can… the day we moved in! 
At first BC and I were very on top of keeping our house clean, I think it finally hit us that we owned this and we needed to keep it nice.  Well that did not last very long.  I liek to blame it on when BC went through the academy and working full time and I was going to school full time and working part time.  We just never had enough time to really clean.  Or when we did we would much rather have spent the time together.
Today due to my lovely PMS we got a lot of cleaning done after not "playing nice" with eachother.  I know I said some things that could have been said much nicer, but there is nothing that infuriates me more than me working my tail off and seeing others just sit and listen to the Bengals on the radio and watch another game on the TV.  
I am one happy person though because up until our dryer broke our living room, office, and master bedroom were clean. :)  We have out a lot of money into our dryer since we moved in and today it finally kicked the bucket, the screws rusted off fell onto the heating coil and it broke again.  Fortunately on of BC's friends had a dryer they were no longer using and he gave it to us for free! 
YAY for not having to go to the laundromat!
Our deal that BC and I have worked out is that I will do the dishes and he will do the laundry, neither person is required to help the other.  BC recently realized he got the raw end of the deal and I have kind of made out like a bandit, but I hate doing laundry and he hates doing dishes so in our own little way it is fair. 
So seeing as now I finally adjusted to my night shift schedule and I simply do not care if I wake my neighbors up cleaning, however I will not vacuum at night, I am becoming more of a housewife. I find that I do not clean everyday, and most days I let a lot of things slide but when I clean I really clean and I notice how much better I feel about my little house.
So I have made a goal to make our bed everyday.  I will start there.  I read today that if a bed is made the room is less likely to get messy.  SO I will keep my fingers crossed, but I will not get my hopes up. 

Another thing that I have done within the last week is put out my fall decorations.  I love this time of year for the colors, the weather and the time spent under the lights at a footbal game or watching one from home.  Here are some of my decorations below:

Also earlier in the week I had asked BC to stop at the store and pick up some zip ties so that we could hang up our orange (Bengals) rope lights.  The day I asked him turned out to be a really busy day at work for him and he simply forgot.  Well yesterday seeing how exaserbated from cleaning, while I took a nap he went and cut my grandma's grass and the store to pick up the zip ties.  It turns out they are actually called cable ties. 

I will put the lights up tomorrow morning so long as it is dry out.

Oh and our fishy family grew yesterday too!  We got some more Mollies and two plecostomus fish.  And the best part is we also got a mini turtle!  Since I am assuming you all have seen mollies and "sucker fish" here is our turtle: 

He needs a name! Any ideas?

Mushroom Swiss Buerger

I miss my boy

Originally posted on 9/24/11
So as I posted yesterday in the vlog it is time for change over AGAIN!  Change over in itself is not that bad, but it is much like busy work.  Basically you are making sure the records for the next month, for each patient, are accurate, so you are comparing them to the current months record, the chart and any new orders that have been written.  Fortunately it does not take too much time, however you actually have to be able to sit down to do them to get them done. 

When I worked Thursday night the change over paperwork was in, but I find it is like when I had a lot of homework from school.  I go to sit down in “my room” to do it and then I see how messy my room is and I wind up cleaning it before I start my homework.  This is how Thursday night went for me.  I basically did every other thing that needed to be done at work other than change over.  My intentions were to make a big dent in change over last night…..that did not happen.

Last night was one of the craziest nights at work that I have had a long time.  By the end of the night I felt like my brain was sitting on a platter in front of me and I could literally see the zombies eating it but I could do nothing to stop them. 

When I left work and realized how beautiful it felt outside I called my mom and told her I wanted to join her at the Spina Bifida walk she and my brother and sister were doing.  So running on no sleep since 3pm the day before, I picked up breakfast and waitied for my mom to come pick me up.  The weather was just the right temperature and the sprinkles helped to keep me cool on my power walk.  lol

When she took me home it was my intention to get a few hours of sleep then head over with BC to a party her friends have every year.  Yeah well, when BC woke me up I felt like crap, and I could barely keep my eyes open, so back to sleep I went.  Now I am sitting here wide awake, and wanting to go do something.  So it looks as though I will be making a WalMart run at roughly 3 am. 

Have you ever done this??  I find it is the absolute best time to shop.  You are alone in the store with only the workers and they are stocking shelves so they are not bothering you! 

Tonight while I was doing my daily Facebook creeping one of my friends had put a status up about taking a dog back to the pound and then the dog passes away.  It really hit me hard regarding the dog we just had to have put down Radar.  I have not mentioned him in the vlogs or blogs yet because it has been all too fresh.  One night when I was at work BC came home, took Radar outside and then when they came inside Radar began to have seizure.  BC took him to the emergency vet and he was told, you can put him on a medicine that can be very costly and he will be on it forever, or you can hope that he will not have  seizures again , but that it unlikely.  When BC asked, “Can you tell me if he is in pain?”  The vet said, “I can’t answer 100% but most likely he is.” 
My Baby Boy
BC took Radar home that night where he had 3 more seizures before I came home from work.  When BC told me what had happened I was heartbroken.  As much as sometimes Radar got under my skin he was like my first born.  We talked for a long time about what we should do and decided that neither one of us could see him in pain and that we knew he would not be the same or like taking medicine everyday.  To make our dog the happiest we knew we had to make the hardest decision ever. 

At the vet the night before BC had explored all of our options, and the price to have Radar put down through them was much to expensive.  We placed a call to our friend who worked for the SPCA where we originally got Radar one year before to see the cost there.  They were excellent in working with us and really helped us through a hard time.  When we arrived at the SPCA my emotions got the best of me and I asked BC to take Radar in while I waited in the car.  This decision I ultimately regret.  Not being able to be there for my baby boy was so hard to deal with but I am not sure I would have been able to do what was best for him had I gone inside. 

Now as I sit here reminiscing I think back to the day we got my sweet boy Radar.  My family had told me not to get a dog, they said it would too hard.  Well being the dog lovers we are we went to the SPCA not intending to buy a dog, just to look.  We walked through all of their kennels and came to the one Radar was in last.  He was in the very first stall with another very small dog.  He was the only dog who did not bark at us.  He was a beautiful dog.  I had my heart set on finding a Basset Hound.  When we read the information card about him, we saw that he name was Radar and he was part Beagle, Basset and Daschund.  BC and I looked at eachother and just knew, this was our dog!  We had intended on naming our dog something to do with the police field and there he was.  All 25 pounds of sweetness.

While we were filling out paperwork the clerk told us that he had belonged to a couple who had lost their home and had to move into an apartment that did not allow pets. 

When we left I dropped BC off at home, so he could get the house ready for Radar.  Radar and I went to Petsmart to get him some food and also some toys and bones and such.  When he finally got home I remember Radar slept for 2 full days.  And when he finally woke up he became the light of our lives, with his playful spirit and his intense ability to let you know he loved you.  He also was a smart dog, he found our treat drawer and anytime you talked sweet to him or told him “Good Boy” he would walk over to the treat drawer and just sit by it waiting for a treat. 

Well I need to go dry my tears now, I will talk to you soon!

Here are the rest of the pics that would not go up the other day:
Ikea Candles!
These candles are so strong smelling in the glasses, but I am kinf of upset that they are not as strong when they are burning.  But you can’t beat them for $1.99 and they have a 30 hour burn time each.
We finally got a wastebasket for the office!
This hold soo much!
Our new desk organizer!
This had finally allowed me to put things on the desk in an organized fashion!
Our new pen and misc crap holder.
We keep our black pens in the far left pot, our colored pens and pencils in the far right, and paper clips and thumb tacks and misc crap in the 2 middle ones.
Another pic from Homecoming 2006


Originally posted on 9/21/11
So today has been a very busy but also lazy day.  (If that makes any sense at all…) After barely sleeping last night I went to my parents house because my brother and sister had the day off of school, and we went out to lunch. After lunch we went to Bath and Body Works and I picked up some candles, because their 3 wick candles were 2 for $20, which is an incredible deal considering they are normally $19.50 each! I got 4 candles and 2 cases for the wallflowers.  The scents I got were: fireside, marshmallow fireside, leaves, and pumpkin patch.  They all smell fantastic. And for the wallflowers I got marshmallow fireside and leaves. 
I am in heaven!

We then went back to my parents house and my brother and sister did some chores.  Before too long we had to head over to take my brother to practice before his football game.  I dropped my sister off at a friend’s house, took my brother to practice and parked my car in the school lot and as I will put it, “passed the eff out!”  I was sleeping for a good hour and it was just the nap I needed. 

It was then time for the game.  I walked into the stadium, with a hoodie on, and looked to the sky and thought I should have brought my umbrella.  The game was a really close one, with no score until late in the game.  As each quarter progressed the sky got darker and darker then finally began sprinkling.  After about 5 minutes the sky had just opened up!  I can’t say that I had ever been to any sporting event in the rain except a few Red’s games and I went to a snowy Bengal’s game.  Guess that shows how proud I am of my brother.

My brother made a mistake during the game, and even though I know he maybe wrong I still do not like to see anyone yell at him! Iwanted to jump down from the bleachers and tell the coach it was enough!! My brother missed the tackle at first but turned right around and got the guy on the same play.  There was no need to yell that much!  I guess that is my big sister instinct though. 

Knowing my brother was in a bad mood my parents treated the whole family to his favorite restaurant.  It was soooo good! I was stuffed up until about 10 minutes ago, now I feel like I can breathe again.  And what’s even better is I did not eat all of my food and was able to bring some home to BC.

After dinner I ran some errands and tried to get a suprise for BC but a large corporation stands in my way!! >:( So it will just have to wait a few months, at least he is kinda patient.  After that was ruled a complete no I came home and decided I was going to clean up the office.  Which is 90% of the way done then I came across the bag from our Ikea trip a few weeks back.  I will put pics up of the things we bought and also what I hung up tonight. 

A wire picture hanger. We got this from Ikea, and one of the shreds from when it was cut has already ended up in my foot!
We bought more but the website will not let me post them… :(

Well I am about to fall asleep on the keypad, so good night you guys!

P.S. I SAW A YELLOW PRIUS TODAY!!! Do you know how rare those are?!?!?!? It is a game my family plays, everytime you see a prius you yell, “yellow one!” or whatever color it is.  It is a lot of fun and saves my arm from all of the “Punchbuggy no punchbacks!”
Mushroom Swiss Buerger
A picture from the night we got engaged. I am on the left. I miss that haircut!!Another pic from homecoming 2006
 OH!! Breaking Dawn comes our in less than 2 months!!!

5 Years

Originally posted on 9/20/11
Well as I am sure all of you know a lot can happen in 5 years.

You graduate high school/nursing school, family members pass away, a new President comes into office,you buy a house, your sister gets married, you get married, you graduate from nursing school AGAIN, your neice and nephew start kindergarden, and you finally get a new car!! Oh….those are just some of our experiences. BC and I have seen a lot these last few years, and we have grown a lot as well.

It does not seem possible that time has passed this quickly. It seems like maybe one year not five!

So to the best of my knowledge I am going to tell a little bit more about that first year.

Year 1:

This was BC’s senior year of high school. He was in the Law Enforcement program at our school and also one of the lead officers of his Police Explorers group. When we met he was 18. This was my junior year of high school and I was in the Practical Nursing program at our school. I was newly 16.

That year feels as though it drug on an on for BC, he was just ready to graduate. We spent A LOT of time together, most mornings he picked me and took me to school, and in the afternoon he would take me home. We had our first kiss about a week into our relationship in my parents kitchen on one of those days he took me home. I remeber being too nervous to make the first move, and when he said, “Are you gonna kiss me? I won’t bite.” We both had a good laugh, then shared the most wonderful kiss.

We went on many dates, I could not tell you where, I know we went to a Red’s game, and out to eat a lot. We also went to his school’s homecoming dance that year with some of his friends. A pic from that is in a previous blog. I have more but I just need to get them scanned into the computer. We also went to his senior prom with more of his friends. We did so much that year. I will be able to write more as the details of more come to me but right now I am drawing a blank.

I can remeber that we began sitting next to eachother in both of our classes and at lunch. It seemed the whole school knew who we were and that we were an item, including the teachers. In our chemistry class our teacher Mrs. My Favorite Chemistry Teacher caught BC kissing me on the cheek during a partner activity and made the remark to the whole class, “As cute as you are, this is not the chemistry of love!!!” I also remeber BC getting into an arguement with our government teacher over the Columbine shootings and to this day he still brings it up! I remember that year my class beat yours in the Penny Wars!! I also remember the look on your face when I dumped all of the silver in your classes bucket! The first time you and I went fishing was quite the experience as well. I remember that damn fart can of a car, what you called a Civic! I also remember your speeding ticket that you told my dad about, like it was no big deal.

We also shared so many things together that will only be in the quiet of our hearts and will forever be just between you and I.

So tonight we celebrated our anniversary, which is Wednesday but BC has to work, at the same restaurant, at the same table, and at the same movie theater. The only difference between then and now are and engagement ring, two wedding bands and a lot of growth, emotionally and maybe be even sideways lol, and I love you so much more!

Eye Sternum YOU!!

Mushroom Swiss Buerger
Our 5 Year Anniversary Date!


Originally Posted on 9/19/11
So today I want to write to talk to you guys about a certain part of our relationship.
There has never been another person that I get along with so well and can still fight (not really fight, but bicker) with soo much!!

As everyone who has ever met us knows we are both very bullheaded people. When we think we are right most often there is no changing our opinion, and we will fight you until we are blue in the face or you simply give up.

You guys may not know, but our jobs are VERY stressful. Most times when we get off work we both like our “quiet time” where we do not talk until we feel ready to. Other times we can come home and be so stressed out, the other person can do the stupidest thing and we have an all out fight. It is usually pretty quick with the person “at fault” (if you could call it that) calling the other person out and telling them to take their “quiet time.”

But I may be crazy, and I know if I am not, I am probably borderline at least, I sometimes like to fight with BC. I can’t say that I have ever come straight out and said to him, “I like to fight with you sometimes because it helps me to release my anger.” But it really does help. I am the kind of person who holds in all of my emotions until they are spilling over and I just can’t take it anymore and I go crazy! The vibes I put off must be so bad sometimes, because BC grabs me by the shoulders, looks me dead in the eyes and says, “Will you just let it out already!! Yell at me if you have to! You are to d*** cranky!”

(So BC there you go, I finally admit I like to fight with you sometimes, just not all the time!)

But he has said the same to me in his own words. I have become pretty perceptive since BC and I started dating because like I said in a previous blog you can tell his emotions through his voice. He is also the kind of person who wears his heart and his emotions on his sleeve, so if he comes in the door walking like he has soup cans under his arms and a straight line instead of a grin or a frown, you better head for the hills!! I however on many occasions can see his mood, know I should leave him alone but have missed him so much or have something I think is to important to wait, and I fluster him. Not on purpose, I am just so excited to see him. Our jobs have us “meeting at the dinner table” as the cliche’ goes.

I am trying to get better at this, but being bullheaded it is hard to change my ways. I can say this though, one thing that will never change is the fact that whenever something exciting happens he is the first person I want to tell. So I am sorry BC that I can bombard you sometimes when you just want to be left alone.

I would have to say the one thing we bicker about the most is each other’s driving. Hence the title of this post. I absolutly DETEST his driving and vice versa. I think the first time we ever really bickered was over his driving. I am a very slow cautious driver 95% of the time and he drives like he owns the road 99% of the time. We need to come up with a way to fix this and try as I might I can only take so much then I have to say something and it really gets to him. His comeback is always, “Well I was top driver in the academy!” And I have to retort back, “Well this is not a Crown Vic with red and blue lights!”

Do you have any ideas for us?

More to come later today….. and be on the lookout for a Husband and Wife vlog tomorrow on our YouTube channel BuergerVlogs. To see it click the link below.

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Welcome to the Jungle

Originally posted on 9/18/2011
So as most of our close family, friends and anyone who sees our cars know, we are HUGE Cincinnati Bengals Fans. So big that we even had the mascot, Who Dey, come to our wedding reception to pose for pics!

Well since today is Sunday, that means in our house it is Who Dey Sunday!!! BC and I both have personalized jerseys that we wear on game days, and pretty much year round. You can guaruntee that I am wearing mine today!

BC and I dream of one day being season ticket holders but we know it is a long way off! Some of the best times we have ever had have been tailgaiting before a Bengals game or being at the Bengals games. We have a tradition of going to the very last home game of the year and have done so for the last 3 years, apart from last year. Buying a house can really put a damper on things.

So in my game day spirit I wanted to share some photos with you all of some of our game day experiences!

One warm Bengals game, tailgaiting with BC’s brother and friends.

Me and Firewoman at a game.

Welcome to the Jungle

Cornhole and food before the game


Our favorite picture from our engagement pics! It was on the Bengals fan page on December 31, 2010!

Our Wedding Day

My Bengals garter

At our reception
Hey if you guys follow our vlogs on YouTube the new video will be up soon! If you have not seen them yet fell free to check them out, we might even make you laugh!
Talk to you tomorow!
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Just A Small Town Girl

Originally Posted on: 9/18/11
Homecoming 5 years ago. This was our first picture together. <3

Our Wedding Day <3 4/30/11
Wow I cannot believe how much has changed in the last 5 years. This coming Wednesday September 21st will be our 5 year anniversary of officially dating. Since this is the case I believe this is as good a time as ever to chronicle everything I can remember about how we met and our very first date.
In the fall of 2006, my junior year, I began going to a vocational school to obtain my LPN degree. If you had told me when I started my education there that I would meet the man of my dreams and wind up marrying him 5 years later I would have said you were crazy, like every other person does when they are told that.
The very cool thing about this school is that there are no just junior or just senior academic classes. They are all intermixed, which I feel helped to better aide in my learning, and also to better my future, lol. Due to this in my classes were not only my fellow LPN students but also there were students from the Law program, Health Tech, Fire, and all different kinds of programs. I was very pleased to meet a lot of people those 2 years.
Bacon Cheese and I had 2 classes together and the same lunch period. We met in our government class about 2 weeks into school. The first encounter was an activity of some sort where we had to have a partner to help us. Well since my normal partner was absent and so was Bacon Cheese’s we worked together. The moment I sat next to him and smelled his cologne I was transfixed. Then he looked at me with the biggest, most beautiful milk chocolate brown eyes and I was dazzled. When he began to speak I could instantly feel that he was someone I would get along with well. He has a lot of personality in his voice, really he shows all of his emotions through his voice. I don’t remember if we got anything accomplished that day, but I know we talked A LOT!
Within the next few days we had a test coming up, so our teacher was giving us a lot of study things to do in class. One day it was kind of like a free-for-all, and he had a lot of different things that we could choose from, the only ones I remember were an outline and to play Jeopardy review on the smart board. It just so happens that Bacon Cheese and I were the only 2 that wanted to do this. The teacher gave us a sheet with the answers on it so that we could tell the other one if what they answered was right or wrong. I was getting question after question either half-right or wrong, but Bacon Cheese was getting every question right. I was sooo angry, I remember thinking, “Well there you go, you shot yourself in the foot, cause now he is going to think you are a stupid junior!!” This was the day I told my friend, lets call her Firewoman, that I liked this guy in my government class, told her his name, and found out they rode the bus together.
She said, “Oh, do you want me to tell him?”
I replied, “Well not him, but maybe one of his friends, so they can tell him.”
Little did I know she was going to tell the one with the biggest mouth……
By the next day I had let’s call him Large Mouth Bass, coming up to me and asking me if I really liked Bacon Cheese and all kinds of questions. I was super super embarassed. When I asked Large Mouth Bass if Bacon Cheese knew I liked him and he replied, he only knows that someone in one of classes likes him. (THIS IS SOOO HIGH SCHOOL NOW THAT I AM WRITING IT OUT!!) I can remember thinking to myself, “Oh great, well now he probably thinks it is (Let’s call her I Don’t Like Her Girl) I Don’t Like Her Girl!” But somehow by the end of that lunch period Bacon Cheese was talking to me and we hit it off. We swapped phone numbers and began to talk all the time, or as much as my parents cordless phone, and his minute cards would allow.
We set a date for September 21st, and it was decided that this was going to be just a date. Well I thought that meant, lets see if we really like eachother, then we can be boyfriend and girlfriend. Bacon Cheese thought otherwise. We decided that we would go to see a movie and out to dinner like every other typical first date. The movie that I chose and agreed to, to impress him, was Jackass 2. Had this been a girls night I would have definitely not picked Jackass 2! But like I said I wanted to impress him. We also decided that we would go to Skyline for dinner since it was so close to the movie theater.
September 21st, came and I can remember it as if it were yesterday. Bacon Cheese had some kind of training class or field trip for the training program he was in so he had to wear dress clothes to school. It sounds nerdy but I remember what he was wearing. He wore his black dress pants, as seen above in the homecoming pic, his black dress shoes, a light blue button down long sleeve shirt and a red and blue tie. He looked cute! And that same day my class had a guest speaker from Hospice of Cincinnati. We had to wear nice shirts and jeans. Of course I wore my favorite jeans, they were a dark wash denim, and flare legs jeans, my shoe of the moment, my brown slip on clog heels, and my favorite brown shirt, that was longer and had lace trim. I still wear this shirt to this day.
We met that morning and agreed we would meet by the elevator closest to the student lot. So there I waited, his course finished a few minutes late. When he got there he told me that he would be taking 2 other students back to their school so their parents could pick them up, one was my best friend that told Bacon Cheese’s (BC) friend I liked BC, and the other was some weird guy that carried a black and white checkerboard backpack. I saw them waiting at the car and I have to say it eased my nerves.
When we got in the car BC put the key in the ignition turned it and the car would not start. I can remember him looking at me and looking so embarrassed and me telling him, just to get a jump it would be fine. I can’t remember who jumped the car, but finally we got the car running and we were on our way. I can remember listening to the song Crazy Bitch on the highway so loud and just really having a good time, all the while I can feel him watching me out of the corner of his eye making sure he did not scare me.
We dropped the other two off and then went to BC’s parent’s house so he could change clothes. His dad was home, I met him and instantly loved him. Due to BC’s battery he let us borrow his truck for the evening. We then left and went to dinner, the Skyline was not too far away, we got there, ate and talked for what seemed like forever. When we were finished we still had a little bit before the movie and BC wanted to get something from home. I think it was a hoodie or something……
When we got there, there were more cars in the driveway and he looks at me and says,”Stay in the car. My sisters and mom are home.” Being eager to impress I said, “Oh I would like to meet your family.” But on the inside I was SO FREAKING NERVOUS!! I was about to meet this boy’s mom, dad and sisters, all on the first date!!! Everything went very well. They were all incredibly nice and made me feel at home even through the 21 questions. BC swears to this day that when he came home that night his family asked him, “How much did you pay her to go out with you?” Whether I believe that or not has yet to be determined.
We then went and saw the movie, which was atrocious!!! But I made it through and made him think I liked it. After talking for awhile, when the movie was over BC drove me home where we had our first hug. We had held hands that night but at the end of the night I think we were both simply to nervous.
A few years down the road BC revealed to me that during the Jeopardy game, he was looking at the answers of the next questions he was going to pick because he liked me and wanted me to think he was smart enough. AWE… I love him! <3
Now 5 years later I am more in love with him than I was then and I cannot wait to see what the future has instore for us. I really think it is going to be a phenomenal life as long as I have him by my side!
Eye sternum you!!

Moving Our Blog

Due to many reasons, including that WordPress was so hard to deal with we have moved our blogs to here!  The availabilities on Blogger are so much better!! So here are my old posts:
The following was originally posted on 9/18/2011

This will be my first blog post EVER. More will follow, I am sure of that.

My husband, we shall call him Bacon Cheese Buerger, and I got married on 4/30/2011. After nearly 5 years together the day just felt easy. As I sit here typing this I realize that we actually started dating 5 years ago on the 21st of this month. But the wedding story will come soon, probably on Monday or Tuesday as that is my next off day and I am writing this on my phone on my break at work.

Our life, however boring it may seem to us is going by sooo quickly, and together we decided we needed a better way to preserve our memories. So in this “techy” age we have decided to make a video everyday on our You Tube channel BuergerVlogs. I am assuming since you are reading this you are a family friend or you are one our wonderful subscribers!

Well g2g now, I will touch base very soon, heck probably later today, since I am so excited about this blog! And I will also be posting pics along with our blogs, when I do them from home…..

So talk or write to you all very soon!

Mushroom Swiss Buerger