Monday, September 26, 2011

I miss my boy

Originally posted on 9/24/11
So as I posted yesterday in the vlog it is time for change over AGAIN!  Change over in itself is not that bad, but it is much like busy work.  Basically you are making sure the records for the next month, for each patient, are accurate, so you are comparing them to the current months record, the chart and any new orders that have been written.  Fortunately it does not take too much time, however you actually have to be able to sit down to do them to get them done. 

When I worked Thursday night the change over paperwork was in, but I find it is like when I had a lot of homework from school.  I go to sit down in “my room” to do it and then I see how messy my room is and I wind up cleaning it before I start my homework.  This is how Thursday night went for me.  I basically did every other thing that needed to be done at work other than change over.  My intentions were to make a big dent in change over last night…..that did not happen.

Last night was one of the craziest nights at work that I have had a long time.  By the end of the night I felt like my brain was sitting on a platter in front of me and I could literally see the zombies eating it but I could do nothing to stop them. 

When I left work and realized how beautiful it felt outside I called my mom and told her I wanted to join her at the Spina Bifida walk she and my brother and sister were doing.  So running on no sleep since 3pm the day before, I picked up breakfast and waitied for my mom to come pick me up.  The weather was just the right temperature and the sprinkles helped to keep me cool on my power walk.  lol

When she took me home it was my intention to get a few hours of sleep then head over with BC to a party her friends have every year.  Yeah well, when BC woke me up I felt like crap, and I could barely keep my eyes open, so back to sleep I went.  Now I am sitting here wide awake, and wanting to go do something.  So it looks as though I will be making a WalMart run at roughly 3 am. 

Have you ever done this??  I find it is the absolute best time to shop.  You are alone in the store with only the workers and they are stocking shelves so they are not bothering you! 

Tonight while I was doing my daily Facebook creeping one of my friends had put a status up about taking a dog back to the pound and then the dog passes away.  It really hit me hard regarding the dog we just had to have put down Radar.  I have not mentioned him in the vlogs or blogs yet because it has been all too fresh.  One night when I was at work BC came home, took Radar outside and then when they came inside Radar began to have seizure.  BC took him to the emergency vet and he was told, you can put him on a medicine that can be very costly and he will be on it forever, or you can hope that he will not have  seizures again , but that it unlikely.  When BC asked, “Can you tell me if he is in pain?”  The vet said, “I can’t answer 100% but most likely he is.” 
My Baby Boy
BC took Radar home that night where he had 3 more seizures before I came home from work.  When BC told me what had happened I was heartbroken.  As much as sometimes Radar got under my skin he was like my first born.  We talked for a long time about what we should do and decided that neither one of us could see him in pain and that we knew he would not be the same or like taking medicine everyday.  To make our dog the happiest we knew we had to make the hardest decision ever. 

At the vet the night before BC had explored all of our options, and the price to have Radar put down through them was much to expensive.  We placed a call to our friend who worked for the SPCA where we originally got Radar one year before to see the cost there.  They were excellent in working with us and really helped us through a hard time.  When we arrived at the SPCA my emotions got the best of me and I asked BC to take Radar in while I waited in the car.  This decision I ultimately regret.  Not being able to be there for my baby boy was so hard to deal with but I am not sure I would have been able to do what was best for him had I gone inside. 

Now as I sit here reminiscing I think back to the day we got my sweet boy Radar.  My family had told me not to get a dog, they said it would too hard.  Well being the dog lovers we are we went to the SPCA not intending to buy a dog, just to look.  We walked through all of their kennels and came to the one Radar was in last.  He was in the very first stall with another very small dog.  He was the only dog who did not bark at us.  He was a beautiful dog.  I had my heart set on finding a Basset Hound.  When we read the information card about him, we saw that he name was Radar and he was part Beagle, Basset and Daschund.  BC and I looked at eachother and just knew, this was our dog!  We had intended on naming our dog something to do with the police field and there he was.  All 25 pounds of sweetness.

While we were filling out paperwork the clerk told us that he had belonged to a couple who had lost their home and had to move into an apartment that did not allow pets. 

When we left I dropped BC off at home, so he could get the house ready for Radar.  Radar and I went to Petsmart to get him some food and also some toys and bones and such.  When he finally got home I remember Radar slept for 2 full days.  And when he finally woke up he became the light of our lives, with his playful spirit and his intense ability to let you know he loved you.  He also was a smart dog, he found our treat drawer and anytime you talked sweet to him or told him “Good Boy” he would walk over to the treat drawer and just sit by it waiting for a treat. 

Well I need to go dry my tears now, I will talk to you soon!

Here are the rest of the pics that would not go up the other day:
Ikea Candles!
These candles are so strong smelling in the glasses, but I am kinf of upset that they are not as strong when they are burning.  But you can’t beat them for $1.99 and they have a 30 hour burn time each.
We finally got a wastebasket for the office!
This hold soo much!
Our new desk organizer!
This had finally allowed me to put things on the desk in an organized fashion!
Our new pen and misc crap holder.
We keep our black pens in the far left pot, our colored pens and pencils in the far right, and paper clips and thumb tacks and misc crap in the 2 middle ones.
Another pic from Homecoming 2006

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