Monday, September 26, 2011

5 Years

Originally posted on 9/20/11
Well as I am sure all of you know a lot can happen in 5 years.

You graduate high school/nursing school, family members pass away, a new President comes into office,you buy a house, your sister gets married, you get married, you graduate from nursing school AGAIN, your neice and nephew start kindergarden, and you finally get a new car!! Oh….those are just some of our experiences. BC and I have seen a lot these last few years, and we have grown a lot as well.

It does not seem possible that time has passed this quickly. It seems like maybe one year not five!

So to the best of my knowledge I am going to tell a little bit more about that first year.

Year 1:

This was BC’s senior year of high school. He was in the Law Enforcement program at our school and also one of the lead officers of his Police Explorers group. When we met he was 18. This was my junior year of high school and I was in the Practical Nursing program at our school. I was newly 16.

That year feels as though it drug on an on for BC, he was just ready to graduate. We spent A LOT of time together, most mornings he picked me and took me to school, and in the afternoon he would take me home. We had our first kiss about a week into our relationship in my parents kitchen on one of those days he took me home. I remeber being too nervous to make the first move, and when he said, “Are you gonna kiss me? I won’t bite.” We both had a good laugh, then shared the most wonderful kiss.

We went on many dates, I could not tell you where, I know we went to a Red’s game, and out to eat a lot. We also went to his school’s homecoming dance that year with some of his friends. A pic from that is in a previous blog. I have more but I just need to get them scanned into the computer. We also went to his senior prom with more of his friends. We did so much that year. I will be able to write more as the details of more come to me but right now I am drawing a blank.

I can remeber that we began sitting next to eachother in both of our classes and at lunch. It seemed the whole school knew who we were and that we were an item, including the teachers. In our chemistry class our teacher Mrs. My Favorite Chemistry Teacher caught BC kissing me on the cheek during a partner activity and made the remark to the whole class, “As cute as you are, this is not the chemistry of love!!!” I also remeber BC getting into an arguement with our government teacher over the Columbine shootings and to this day he still brings it up! I remember that year my class beat yours in the Penny Wars!! I also remember the look on your face when I dumped all of the silver in your classes bucket! The first time you and I went fishing was quite the experience as well. I remember that damn fart can of a car, what you called a Civic! I also remember your speeding ticket that you told my dad about, like it was no big deal.

We also shared so many things together that will only be in the quiet of our hearts and will forever be just between you and I.

So tonight we celebrated our anniversary, which is Wednesday but BC has to work, at the same restaurant, at the same table, and at the same movie theater. The only difference between then and now are and engagement ring, two wedding bands and a lot of growth, emotionally and maybe be even sideways lol, and I love you so much more!

Eye Sternum YOU!!

Mushroom Swiss Buerger
Our 5 Year Anniversary Date!

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