Monday, September 26, 2011

Moving Our Blog

Due to many reasons, including that WordPress was so hard to deal with we have moved our blogs to here!  The availabilities on Blogger are so much better!! So here are my old posts:
The following was originally posted on 9/18/2011

This will be my first blog post EVER. More will follow, I am sure of that.

My husband, we shall call him Bacon Cheese Buerger, and I got married on 4/30/2011. After nearly 5 years together the day just felt easy. As I sit here typing this I realize that we actually started dating 5 years ago on the 21st of this month. But the wedding story will come soon, probably on Monday or Tuesday as that is my next off day and I am writing this on my phone on my break at work.

Our life, however boring it may seem to us is going by sooo quickly, and together we decided we needed a better way to preserve our memories. So in this “techy” age we have decided to make a video everyday on our You Tube channel BuergerVlogs. I am assuming since you are reading this you are a family friend or you are one our wonderful subscribers!

Well g2g now, I will touch base very soon, heck probably later today, since I am so excited about this blog! And I will also be posting pics along with our blogs, when I do them from home…..

So talk or write to you all very soon!

Mushroom Swiss Buerger

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