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Originally posted on 9/21/11
So today has been a very busy but also lazy day.  (If that makes any sense at all…) After barely sleeping last night I went to my parents house because my brother and sister had the day off of school, and we went out to lunch. After lunch we went to Bath and Body Works and I picked up some candles, because their 3 wick candles were 2 for $20, which is an incredible deal considering they are normally $19.50 each! I got 4 candles and 2 cases for the wallflowers.  The scents I got were: fireside, marshmallow fireside, leaves, and pumpkin patch.  They all smell fantastic. And for the wallflowers I got marshmallow fireside and leaves. 
I am in heaven!

We then went back to my parents house and my brother and sister did some chores.  Before too long we had to head over to take my brother to practice before his football game.  I dropped my sister off at a friend’s house, took my brother to practice and parked my car in the school lot and as I will put it, “passed the eff out!”  I was sleeping for a good hour and it was just the nap I needed. 

It was then time for the game.  I walked into the stadium, with a hoodie on, and looked to the sky and thought I should have brought my umbrella.  The game was a really close one, with no score until late in the game.  As each quarter progressed the sky got darker and darker then finally began sprinkling.  After about 5 minutes the sky had just opened up!  I can’t say that I had ever been to any sporting event in the rain except a few Red’s games and I went to a snowy Bengal’s game.  Guess that shows how proud I am of my brother.

My brother made a mistake during the game, and even though I know he maybe wrong I still do not like to see anyone yell at him! Iwanted to jump down from the bleachers and tell the coach it was enough!! My brother missed the tackle at first but turned right around and got the guy on the same play.  There was no need to yell that much!  I guess that is my big sister instinct though. 

Knowing my brother was in a bad mood my parents treated the whole family to his favorite restaurant.  It was soooo good! I was stuffed up until about 10 minutes ago, now I feel like I can breathe again.  And what’s even better is I did not eat all of my food and was able to bring some home to BC.

After dinner I ran some errands and tried to get a suprise for BC but a large corporation stands in my way!! >:( So it will just have to wait a few months, at least he is kinda patient.  After that was ruled a complete no I came home and decided I was going to clean up the office.  Which is 90% of the way done then I came across the bag from our Ikea trip a few weeks back.  I will put pics up of the things we bought and also what I hung up tonight. 

A wire picture hanger. We got this from Ikea, and one of the shreds from when it was cut has already ended up in my foot!
We bought more but the website will not let me post them… :(

Well I am about to fall asleep on the keypad, so good night you guys!

P.S. I SAW A YELLOW PRIUS TODAY!!! Do you know how rare those are?!?!?!? It is a game my family plays, everytime you see a prius you yell, “yellow one!” or whatever color it is.  It is a lot of fun and saves my arm from all of the “Punchbuggy no punchbacks!”
Mushroom Swiss Buerger
A picture from the night we got engaged. I am on the left. I miss that haircut!!Another pic from homecoming 2006
 OH!! Breaking Dawn comes our in less than 2 months!!!

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