Monday, September 26, 2011

Falling for you...

You know that Marshmallow Fireside candle I got the other day...well it is half way gone!

As some of you may know I sell for the company Thirty-One and I am currently a Senior Consultant.  I am looking to grow my business and in doing so I am expanding my merchandise.  Here are a few things I ordered and came in the mail this week:

The top is a hanging wall organizer and the bottom is a lunch tote.

Today was the first day where I really felt like it was fall.  BC on the other hand probably thought it was spring with the amount of cleaning and organizing that I was doing.  Poor guy, lol.  I have recently been on a cleaning spree.  Not to where I have to do it everyday and my house does not have to be spotless but it would just be nice to be able to see our master bedroom floor more often.  Today I embarked on the mission to get it truly clean.  I dusted every piece of furniture, put everything away in the right spot and vacuumed twice.  I cannot tell you the last time that floor was so clean, oh yes I can… the day we moved in! 
At first BC and I were very on top of keeping our house clean, I think it finally hit us that we owned this and we needed to keep it nice.  Well that did not last very long.  I liek to blame it on when BC went through the academy and working full time and I was going to school full time and working part time.  We just never had enough time to really clean.  Or when we did we would much rather have spent the time together.
Today due to my lovely PMS we got a lot of cleaning done after not "playing nice" with eachother.  I know I said some things that could have been said much nicer, but there is nothing that infuriates me more than me working my tail off and seeing others just sit and listen to the Bengals on the radio and watch another game on the TV.  
I am one happy person though because up until our dryer broke our living room, office, and master bedroom were clean. :)  We have out a lot of money into our dryer since we moved in and today it finally kicked the bucket, the screws rusted off fell onto the heating coil and it broke again.  Fortunately on of BC's friends had a dryer they were no longer using and he gave it to us for free! 
YAY for not having to go to the laundromat!
Our deal that BC and I have worked out is that I will do the dishes and he will do the laundry, neither person is required to help the other.  BC recently realized he got the raw end of the deal and I have kind of made out like a bandit, but I hate doing laundry and he hates doing dishes so in our own little way it is fair. 
So seeing as now I finally adjusted to my night shift schedule and I simply do not care if I wake my neighbors up cleaning, however I will not vacuum at night, I am becoming more of a housewife. I find that I do not clean everyday, and most days I let a lot of things slide but when I clean I really clean and I notice how much better I feel about my little house.
So I have made a goal to make our bed everyday.  I will start there.  I read today that if a bed is made the room is less likely to get messy.  SO I will keep my fingers crossed, but I will not get my hopes up. 

Another thing that I have done within the last week is put out my fall decorations.  I love this time of year for the colors, the weather and the time spent under the lights at a footbal game or watching one from home.  Here are some of my decorations below:

Also earlier in the week I had asked BC to stop at the store and pick up some zip ties so that we could hang up our orange (Bengals) rope lights.  The day I asked him turned out to be a really busy day at work for him and he simply forgot.  Well yesterday seeing how exaserbated from cleaning, while I took a nap he went and cut my grandma's grass and the store to pick up the zip ties.  It turns out they are actually called cable ties. 

I will put the lights up tomorrow morning so long as it is dry out.

Oh and our fishy family grew yesterday too!  We got some more Mollies and two plecostomus fish.  And the best part is we also got a mini turtle!  Since I am assuming you all have seen mollies and "sucker fish" here is our turtle: 

He needs a name! Any ideas?

Mushroom Swiss Buerger

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  1. a name idea i have would be Shellie like shell for is turtle shell LOL kind of corny