Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Change is Good

Change is a good thing.  It's good for the soul and it promotes growth.  Pruning is difficult but it's what's best for the branch.  

This is the mantra I have had for myself for the last few weeks.  There has been lots of change going on within my life and at times it has been overwhelming.  I will just give you the "Cliff-Notes."

- Chris changed shifts at work.
- I'm still in my walking boot.
- I started a new job.
- I quit my old job.
- We are making some big changes at home!!

 Back before my foot surgery Chris switched shifts to be more convenient with my healing process and ensuring Alex was well taken care of.   Well that change has been incredibly difficult and finally he was able to go back to his previous shift and life is back to normal once more. 

I had a follow up appointment for my surgeon and there is improvement but not enough.  So he ordered a bone stimulator for the next 4 weeks and then come back for repeat x-rays and hoepfully kicking the boot once and for all!

I started a new job!! What the what?!?! I never thought I would say that!  When I started NICU nursing I thought I had found my forever job!  And this is definitely still the case!  So what the new job?  Well I have never been one to get "comfortable."  In fact there is nothing that makes me more anxious as a nurse.  It is often when you are comfortable that mistakes happen.  While I was off for recovering from surgery I was approached for this opportunity and to say the least it had me shaking in my boots but so excited.  It provides me with an opportunity to still care for babies but also help more people across a greater area.  I started last week and I don't have a single bad thing to say about it so far.  Let's just say it's so nice to feel wanted.

I quit my old job?!?!  What the what?!?!  My original plan was to stay on a optional basis with my old job but as things happen between life and trying to manage 2 jobs it got hectic.  So Chris and I prayed about it and spoke at great length about what to do and it was decided I would drop the optional job while I could still leave on good terms.  

We are also beginning the final stages of making some big changes at home.  Our kitchen has been "torn-up" for over a year.  I had a spur of the moment idea and my loving husband went straight to work.  So we began this project with one goal in mind, to make ourselves more counter space.  So we moved our fridge to the other side of the kitchen and took the counters that were there and placed them where the fridge once was.  In doing this we created over 10ft of consecutive counter space and an area for our trashcan to be hidden. Well we are in the homestretch.  We will be completing our project next month and I could not be more excited to share it with you!  I will be drafting several posts with my inspiration and our plans over the next few days.

I am so excited to be back to the blog, and I can't wait to share to you everything that is going on.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My Favorite Sticker Shops & Most Recent Order

Let me just say, I have fallen hard for a few select sticker shops on Etsy lately.  I'm talking ride or die, stalk them on Instagram and Twitter and being crazy obsessive checking them for updated items.

I must say though there is nothing more that ticks me off than logging into Etsy to check out your favorite shops and seeing their shop is closed for vacation....

But back to the good stuff!

I have several favorite shops that I always fall to when I am shopping on Etsy at 330 in the morning...

First up PeanutButterTaco:

I truly think Monica, the shops owner, may just be my soul sister.  Her stickers are food for my soul in that they fit my planning style perfectly. Functional but pretty and I just DIE over her half boxes.  I have multiples of all of the ones she has listed!  And don't even get me started on how much I love her F*uck it List and absolutely love that she is taking certain things from that list and making them into whole sheets. 

Next MilaPrintShop:

I found MilaPrintShop through Kim @LivingTheWifeLife.  Her stuff is fantastic.  I think my favorites from her are her sampler sheets and her small event boxes.  But let me just tell you I have an almost $90 order on it's way to me now and could be here by the time you are reading this!  I plan to do a review/haul on that order for my next Wednesday post. 

Finally my new favorite LittleMissPaperie:

I can't think of any videos I watched that brought me to her shop so I had to have found her on Instagram in the middle of the night and started shopping then.  I really love her horizontal weekly kits and I am absolutely dying over the sneak peek of the weekly kit she is releasing at the end of the week.

If you are as obsessed with planning as I am I highly encourage you to check out all of these ladies shops and let me know what you think of them also!  I have put links to their Etsy shops below.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Even Superheroes Love Story Time

One of my goals for this year was to get Alex out of the house more.  Before the whole mess with my foot started last July Alex and I were going to Story Time pretty consistently at the library, well as it does life got in the way and it fell by the wayside. 

When I made my goals for 2016 getting back into the swing of things was top notch!

Alex has recently discovered his love for books and has enjoyed spending time at the library so much that we spend a few days a week at the library for a couple hours.  One of Alex's favorite times at the library is story time and music class.  Every morning now the routine goes:

I wake Alex up.
He asks if we are going to church.
He asks if we can go to music class.
He asks if we can go to story time. 
Can I wear my cape?

I love spending time with this cutie but even more so I love watching his little brain grow!