Wednesday, January 11, 2012

14 weeks pregnant!

Well here I am again with another update!

I can't believe how quickly but yet how slowly this weeks seems to have gone.  Perhaps it is just the fact that I am practically counting down the seconds until it is time for our next appointment so we can hear Baby R's heartbeat again.  I REALLY must record it next time.

How far along today?: Well the above photo was taken at 14 weeks 3 days but it is after midnight so I am now 14 weeks 4 days.
Style:  Let's just say this is a pj's or scrubs kind of week.  Mommy has been sooo tired!
Growing?: I defintily, definitly see a difference in my lower abdomen.  I had a small pre-pregnancy pooch, that has now grown outwards and hardened, without any weight gain!  And I can feel the top of my uterus!
Best moment of the week:  Looking at which crib and bedding set we want for our Baby R!
Cravings?:  Well for the last few years BC and I have sworn off McDonald's, we had seen an article about their food and were just completely turned off, however this week I cannot get enough of McDonald's french fries!  Another one that hit this week was craving milk, which is not completely normal for since I tend to shy away from it.

Baby moving yet?:  I still have the same feeling of something rolling on my bladder, so I guess we will have to wait and see at the Dr's appointment if I could possibly be feeling baby.
Still nauseous?:  I have my moments, but have not gotten sick this week!  But I have been VERY close!
Belly button popped?:  Nope, I don't think it will, it is very much so an "innie."
Wedding rings on or off?: On
Mood:  I have continued with the exhaustion, but I did get the energy yesterday to go but the materials to make Daddy's birthday/ your gender reveal party invites!  They have turned out VERY cute!
Gender: Not yet!

So it has been on my to do list since week 8 or 9 to start making pregnancy vlogs....well I still have yet to make one so I am going to go shower now and get "presentable" and make one.  I have A LOT to share in this video so it will probably be a three parter.

Other than that I am dragging myself to my work today since they are having a scrub vendor come.  The point has come where my scrubs are becoming uncomfortable around my stomach and I must see if they offer maternity scrubs or can order them for me.  BLAAAH I HATE CLOTHES SHOPPING!!

Daddy on the other hand has had a good week, he got a very good annual review and a raise.  He got to work out a few times this week and we spent some great quality time together this week.

Well see you all next week!

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