Monday, January 2, 2012

13 weeks pregnant!

BC and I are completely thrilled that we have made it to this milestone!!!

This week has definitely had it's ups and downs but it ended on a very high note, which was the beginning of a new year.  This year will be packed FULL of new things for the 2 of us.  It is almost scary to think about all of the changes we are about to encounter.

As we were driving to our NYE celebration we got to talking and BC pointed out that next year we will probably be at home with our Baby R asleep before midnight.  HOW EXCITING to think about!!!

So I plan on doing these weekly belly shot updates every week, DUH, and adding a little info about my week below the photos.  Any post you get in between will just be a bonus!

SOOO on Mommy's side:

How far along today?: 13 weeks 2 days
Style?: I have begun to wear some maternity shirts that I have purchased simply because my boobs have made it impossible to wear most of my normal clothes.  But I can still fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans I just have to hold them closed with a hair-tye.
Growing?:  I can definitely notice a difference between this week and last in shape.  But my abdomen has started to harden.  As far as stretch marks go, I had some before Baby and sadly now they are darkening.
Best moment of the week?:  Ringing in the new year with my husband, it was our first NYE as husband and wife!, and some of my amazing family.
Cravings?:  OMG YES!! I am dying for a BIG glass of wine and some bleu cheese and fried chicken!  I am allowed to eat fried chicken, however, Baby does not like it!
Baby moving yet?:  It is probably gas or my intestines but I could swear that I feel Baby R rolling on my bladder.  It is like I am putting pressure on one side of my bladder and then all of a sudden without myself moving the pressure shifts to the other side.
Still nauseous?: Yes but I must admit it has been worse, I.E. end of week 12!
Belly button popped?: Nope
Wedding rings on or off?: On
Mood?: Exhausted most of the time.  But overall VERY happy!
Gender?: Not yet.....

Mommy and Daddy have begun the preparations for your gender reveal party.  We are planning to tell everyone for your Daddy's birthday party in February.  It is so exciting to begin imagining who you will be.  We have consulted with a few "experts" on the names we have chosen and all are in agreeance that they are beautiful/handsome names.

However Mommy and Daddy have differing opinions as to who you will be.
Mommy's gut says girl.
Daddy's gut says boy.

It seems like forever away but we will know who you are before too long.

Love you Baby R!

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