Saturday, January 26, 2013

Things are changing....

Recently Chris and I have been gearing up for big changes.  And not the kind of changes where we are adding to the family or getting a pet, but we are changing some things around the house. 

We plan to get the house the way we love it and getting it ready to sell.

We have planned to re-do each room in the house and make it the way we like it.  If we find at the end of the year if we are happier here we may decide to stay.  

But my big thing is organization.  We moved into the house after a family member had offered it to us and I think having seen the house in the perfection they had it in, I think I had all of these expectations.  

So now we are going on year 3, and I still feel like we are renting our house.

So over the next few months we plan to do a house overhaul!  We have already started the redo of our room and I will post what we have done so far later this week and I will be working on our "vision board" for the room.

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