Saturday, January 5, 2013

SO Disappointed Saturday!

So I am sure if you have read by blog at any point you know that in my house we bleed orange and black and LOVE the Bengals!

Well you may also know that today the Bengals played their wild-card playoff game against the Texans for the second year in a row.

Last year was incredibly miserable to watch!  I never figured one play could ruin a team's game play for the rest of the game until I watched that game.  

When I heard we would be playing the Texans again I have to admit I had a small fear the same thing would happen at this game that happened the year before.  But after reading about the Texans last few games I began to think well maybe this will be different?  Maybe since we have another year as a team under our belts we will beat them if not crush them!  

I mean what are the odds that we would play the same team in the same game two years in a row?

Well the odds are obviously not in our favor.  I watched the game today and I must admit it was better but it still left me feeling like we were a high school team playing against pros.  

Now I am not an expert at football but I know some but I feel that our defense definitely did not play as well as they have been but they played a heck of a lot better than the offense.

Well I can't stand to write any more about this.  

I will continue to be a Bengals forever!  I will not be a bandwagon fan!  And I must say this is still my favorite picture in my house!

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