Friday, January 25, 2013

Fun Tag Friday! Girly Questions Edition Pt. 1

1.  Is it cute when a guy kisses you on the forehead?

I absolutely love it when Chris kisses me on the forehead.  I think it is so romantic!
2.  Poofy dress or short party dress?

I say short"ish" party dress.

3.  Would you appreciate receiving a love letter?

I love receiving them.  I think they are great mementos to look back on and possibly even show your kids later in life.

4.  Do you hate when guys act different around their friends?

I think it is one thing for them to act different, that I can put up with, but when the change and become disrespectful and verbally abusive then it is an issue.

5.  Group or single dates?

I really like group dates right now.  I feel like Chris and I spend so much time together when we go out we don't have much to talk about it.  And group dates add a new aspect to things and help to bring up conversation points.

6.  Are diamonds a girls best friend?

As much as I love diamonds I feel like they are ordinary.  Hence the reason my Bridal set is blue topaz.

7.  Is your hair up or down?

Currently down and needs washed.  When I have to work it is up and when I am off I do my best to wear it down.

8.  Do you straighten your hair?

When we have somewhere nice to go.

9.  What is your favorite girly magazine?

Comso or People

10.  What is your favorite mascara?

I have two!  I put Covergirl ExactEyelights (for blue eyes) on first then do another coat with Maybelline Falsies Volume Express.

11.  Do you get your nails done?

I used to and I loved it, however they are just sanitary for babies and nurses.

12.  Small or large purses?


13.  Jeans or skirts?

Jeans in the winter and skirts in the summer

14.  Do you wear things even if they're uncomfortable if they are cute?

Umm no, the closest I will get is jeans that are a little too tight.

15.  Do you text a lot?


16.  What would you do if you got pregnant?

Well considering I have already been pregnant, I would love every minute of it.  But if I got pregnant now I have no idea the emotions I would feel.  I would probably try to pick a second job so we could catch up an bills and save money to move into a house sooner than we had planned.

17.  What's your favorite color?

Navy blue

18.  Heels or flats?

Both, but the majority of the time I wear heels of kitten wedges.

19.  Have you ever cried during a movie?

The Notebook gets me everytime but I am a sap, as far as crying at movies!

20.  Walmart or Target?

I think Target has better stuff, but Walmart's prices are better, unless you shop Target clearance.

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