Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Alex's First Snow

One of my favorite gifts that Alex got for Christmas was a child's toboggan.  

So the day after Christmas we got a Blizzard!  It only amounted to about 3 inches where we live but the weather channel classified it as a blizzard.  

Of course Chris and I both had to work the day of the storm so we couldn't take Alex out while it was snowing but we sure as heck took him out the next day when by chance we were both off!  

So here are a few good pics I was able to snap while Alex enjoyed his toboggan!

"Mommy I am not so sure about this."

Daddy pulling Alex in his toboggan.

What a cute smile!

Goodness I love him!

Look at those baby blues!

Then thanks to quick thinking by Daddy, after the seat belt on the toboggan broke and Alex began to fall out Daddy grabbed him, they did a little flip and everyone is safe.  

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