Monday, July 16, 2012

Induction Day 7-6-12

Well the day had finally come for us to begin the process to meet our sweet baby boy.

Our appointment time was at 11 am but of course Mommy could not sleep because she was so so so nervous.  I think we went to bed around 1 am and then had to be up at 8 to run errands before we had to head to the hospital.  

I woke up that morning around 5 am rip roaring and ready to go.  I mainly laid around trying to do word puzzles to calm my nerves but it did not work.  I ate breakfast showered and got dressed then twiddled my thumbs until 7:30 when I decided to wake up Chris.

Chris showered and we were off. I dropped Chris off at the Great Clips so he could get a hair cut, then went to the bank so I could get the mortgage taken care of.  

On my way back from the bank I had a small panic attack.  I think that was when it really settled in that I would be meeting my son by the end of the next day, OR SOONER!  After 9 long months of waiting the time was here.

So after I pulled over, threw up and recollected myself I was on my way to pick up Chris.

And we were off.  We were headed to the hospital to meet our son.  We knew we were early but we did not care.

We arrived at the hospital at about 10:15 am and they had us wait in the waiting room.  I have never felt more impatient in my life. 

We finally heard our name called over the loud speaker and we went to check in. 

After the proper paperwork was filled out and signed they directed us back to the Labor and Delivery Unit.   We were met by the NICEST nurse named Peggy.  She was very informative and to the point but friendly and carried on genuine conversation.  

She directed us into Suite 17 and had me change into one of the hideous hospital gowns and then took my vitals.  

Then we began the wait for the medicine that they were inducing me with.  Cervadil.  This is basically a shoestring they place on your cervix to help thin it out and sometimes dilate it.  

When it finally came up from the pharmacy and was put in place it was 1:30pm.

Now the waiting game began.  The medicine had to remain in place for 12 hours.  This meant that at 1:30 am  it would come out and I would be transferred to the other Labor & Delivery unit to be placed on Pitocin, which cause contractions and starts labor.  

I had my fair share of ups and downs on this first unit all mainly centered around pain and frustration,  not from the labor but from the way they restricted my movement.  I knew I would never be able to get close to my goal of a natural labor if I could not move.  

So 1:30 rolled around they took out the Cervadil and I was able to move!! They let me walk to the other unit, where I was then able to shower and get really comfy.

Here is where things begin to get hazy.  

I know it was not until we got to this unit that Chris actually got some sleep.  And I also remember how in love with the portable monitoring system I was.  It allowed me to freely walk around my room, sit in the rocking chair and to roam the halls of the unit.  I know I did a lot of this simply because it made my hips feel better.  

I laid down and napped for awhile and then the sun came up and so did I.  There was no sleeping at this point I was too excited..... and hungry.  

The day progressed, we had family come sit and wait with us, my contractions got stronger and I progressed little by little.

I made it until about 2-3 hours after my water was broken, which showed the baby had a bowel movement inside of my uterus, managing the contractions on my own.  That was when the contractions were 2 minutes apart and lasting 1 minute but I was only 3 centimeters and 75% effaced.

Chris and I had a heart to heart and we decided that I was only wanting to try to deliver naturally because of my history of the spinal tap and blood patch and the fear of suffering that pain over again. 

We were straightforward and honest with the nurses and the nurse anesthetist and they all helped the procedure go that much smoother. I wound up getting an epidural and it was the best decision I could have made.

Time continued to pass and my labor kind of stalled out.  I was not really dilating much, if at all, and per the internal monitor my contractions were normal and VERY strong. 

The doctor had the nurses position me almost on my belly in hopes that within an hour or two it would help my cervix change.  Well I progressed about a half a centimeter and the doctor was finally able to feel the babies head.  She discovered that yes he was head down, but his he was turned the wrong way and also his head was coming down wrong, which she was afraid was cause a very long and dangerous labor.  

The decision was made for my safety and Alexs' to have a c-section.  With the meconium (poop) in my uterus the doctor was not going to let me go too much longer anyway.  

Within 20 minutes I was laying face up on operating table and the medical staff were performing their first time out.  

One of the very few things I remember about the surgery was at 7:23 pm the sound of his cry, I immediately started crying, my boy was here!!! Another was the first time I saw Chris holding our son.  It was the most serene sight I have ever laid eyes on.  And finally the first time I looked into my son's eyes.  I know it is cliche but my heart grew and I discovered a love I have never felt before.  

And then to top off my memories I remember the doctor showing my husband my uterus and ovaries and how amazed he was.

We were then headed to recovery.  This was the first time I was able to experience my boy in my arms.  All of the family came back to see him.  They were all amazed at not only how big he was but how beautiful he is.  

After everyone left I began to breastfeed and an instant bond was formed between my son and I.  As he continued to feed out the window in the distance we could see 3 different fireworks shows and I just made the moment that much more special.

This is definitely not the end of the story, the days we spent in the hospital were long and trying but as a family, and with A LOT of help we made it through.   

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