Thursday, July 5, 2012

39 Weeks Pregnant

How far along:  39 weeks and 5 days today
Growing?: Yes I do believe he is still growing as I feel like my skin has less and less room to stretch each day.
Best Moment of the Week?:  Knowing that tomorrow morning we are headed in for an induction.  And also the fact that it is the night before and I have started having contractions.
Worst moment of the week?: The random morning sickness episodes. 
Cravings: Not really anything new. 
Movement?: His movement has really picked up the last few days.  I never have felt him move so much!
Still nauseous?:  Yeah every once in awhile.
Belly button?:  It is not gonna pop but it is so sore!
Wedding rings?:  They are still on that necklace. 
Mood?:  Your dad and I are uber excited for your arrival and cannot wait to meet you.

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