Tuesday, April 16, 2013

9 Months of Alex!

The fact that I was able to capture this one picture is a miracle since you hardly ever stop moving.  

Height: 30.5 inches

Weight: 19 lbs 15.5 oz you have lost a little weight due to you being constantly on the move!

Diaper Size: 3

Feeding:  We are now almost 100% table food.  Nothing incredibly new here, you just love to eat.

Sleeping:  You are not fussing as much when we lay you down for bed at night anymore.  But there is a new change here!! Because Mommy & Daddy are both working on the night shift you have been having sleepover's 2-3 nights a week.  You have been staying with both sets of grandparents and you are having a little trouble adjusting to that, but it is getting better. 

Milestones:  You now have 6 teeth!! You crawl faster than lightening on your hands and knees, no more army crawling!! You are pulling up on everything, mainly to your knees.  Most of our furniture is pretty low so to see and grab things on top of it you don't have to stand.  You have learned how to turn Daddy's Xbox on and off and you only do it while Daddy is playing, which Mommy thinks is hilarious!  And just the other night you started walking with your walker.  Mommy stood you up behind it and you took off across the living room, I turned you around and you flew across the room the other way.  And we are 90% off the bottle and onto the sippy cup.  You only take a bottle at bedtime.  The pacifier is next young man!

Loves:  Food, his new play table and Mickey Mouse!

Dislikes:  The word no, things being taken away from you, not being able to squeeze through to the kitchen and being set down when you are tired.  

Adventures:  You had your first sleepover within the last month and I must say it went much better than expected for both you and Mommy. 

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