Sunday, March 10, 2013

8 Months of Alex

Height: 29 inches

Weight: 20 lbs even!  And we got him to sit still long enough on our scale for it to register.

Diaper Size: Size 3.

Feeding: We have begun to give you table food.  We are working to transition you off of baby food and onto what we eat, therefor mommy & daddy are eating better now too.  We gave you green beans the other night and you loved them.  We have also tried corn, blueberries, carving board ham, bananas, greek yogurt, pretzels, oranges and of course puffs.  But I have treated you a few times and gave you a cupcake which you mostly just demolished rather than ate and you also tried a little bit of ice cream. You are doing marvelous.

Sleeping:  Nothing has really changed here, you are still a great sleeper whether you are in your own bed or with us.

Milestones: You are so close to really crawling now, but you know that army crawling is your fastest means of transportation.  You can now put your self into a sitting position from your belly.  You have begun to pull up, you can't quite manage it on the furniture but you are really good at doing it on mom and dad.  You have 2 more teeth and 2 more on their way through! 

If I as being generous I would say you have 3 new teeth but, the other one has not broke completely yet.  And yes I am that mean mommy that will have daddy hold you still so I can take a picture.

Loves: Puffs and your high chair.  When you are being put into the chair you know food is coming so you get excited.  You have also taken a liking to your sippy cups.  And Mickey Mouse!!

Dislikes: Having things taken away from you.  You absolutely throw a fit!

Adventures:  We have been to and hosted lots of parties over the last month, you have loved it.  We went to the park again when we had a warm day and we discovered you love the swings.  I must admit this shocked Mommy since you never really loved your baby swing.

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  1. Such beautiful blue eyes!!! Such a cutie! PS: I love the name of your blog-- I saw it and thought "I like this girl!!"