Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pregnancy Update

So I have been incredibly absent over the last few weeks.  I have not posted a blog since week 16 so I will get "caught up" with this one lol. 

Here are my weeks in photos:

How far along today?: 19 weeks and 4 days
Style:  Grandma Bunny (my mom) bought me some AMAZING maternity jeans today!!! I had forgotten that jeans were actually made so you could breathe in them.  I also have found that some of my pre-maternity shirts are not long enough to cover the "bump" anymore.
Growing?: Yes!
Best moment of the week?: Knowing that in a little over 24 hours we will know who you are!
Cravings: McDonald's fries and Arby melts have made a reappearance over the last few weeks.\
Baby moving yet?: I felt little movements here and there but nothing that I notice unless I really pay attention.
Still nauseous?: Only when I have a large build up of phlegm in my throat.  Which has been VERY FREQUENTLY lately.
Belly button popped?: We have noticed it is definitely getting more shallow.
Wedding rings on or off?: Had to take off my band.... it was too tight to begin with but my wedding set still fits.
Mood: Tired!
Gender: In less than 24 hours!!!

So over the last few weeks I can definitely feel I am "filling out." There is no squeezing into some of my old clothes anymore.  I have been increasingly tired lately and craving red meat.  So my guess is I need to increase my protein in my diet, which can't happen til I have the energy or the money to really stock up on groceries. 

Another event that has occured is that Chris tore his muscle in his calf that attaches to the achilles tendon, clean off of it.  Which left him in a terrible amount of pain, and us without answers for a few days.  Once we got into see a doctor he was put in a boot and told to do physical therapy for 6 weeks and wear a walking boot for 4 weeks and that put him on light duty work, which means he can't do his regular job.  THANK GOD for sick time!!!
Life is slowly getting back to normal if it ever was that to begin with.  We have our 20 week ultrasound on Thursday morning which is in a little over 24 hours.  That means we will not only get to see you again but we will also know who you are!!!  Not exactly how we pictured it but perfect none the less.

Then we will be having a gender reveal party on Friday night to tell our families what your gender is.  But the best thing is, is that Saturday is Chris's birthday, so your gender party will be your daddy's birthday party as well!  How exciting.

With all of the excitement we have begun to talk more and more about the names we originally picked out and decided that we chose them maybe for the wrong reasons and we have agreed on different names.  And believe me they are much nicer!

So you have gone from Baby R to Baby A!!!

All to soon we will know who you are and begin to pick up on your personality!

I will post pictures from the gender party later this week and also do an update of our Valentine's Day that I slept through.

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