Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Another Pregnancy Update

Ok  so once again I am behind on my updates.  And I do believe I owe you a detailed explanations of dates.  So let me start by saying that we now know what our little bundle of joy is!!!

How far along today?: 22 weeks and 3 days
Style:  Mainly yoga pants, or my maternity jeans.  I am most comfortable in maernity tops but most of my regular shirst still fit also.
Growing?: Yes!
Best moment of the week?: Feeling you kick more and more.
Cravings: Penn Station!!
Baby moving yet?: Yep, I feel it a few times a day now, but not all the time.
Still nauseous?: Only when I have a large build up of phlegm in my throat.  Mommy had a 24 hour bug this week.  I threw up so hard that I bursted blood vessels in my face.  I look like I got punched in the eyes.
Belly button popped?: We have noticed it is DEFINITELY getting more shallow.
Wedding rings on or off?: They are all too tight now.  I am looking around for a matching band set for your daddy and I.
Mood: Mostly tired but in a "crafty" mood most of the time.
Gender: IT'S A BOY!!!

So I told you I would explain our Valentine's Day that I slept through....

This year Valentine's Day fell on a Tuesday and I had worked the night before.  When I came home I caught up on some of my shows on the DVR and then I went to visit my uncle in the hospital with my mom.  After the visit we went to lunch and shopping, this was when I got my lovely maternity jeans!

By the time I got home I had been up for nearly 24 hours.  My AMAZING husband had a bubble bath waiting for me when I got home, with candles lit and everything.  So as I relaxed in the tub, I eventually fell asleep while soaking.  Chris came in after I had been in there for about an hour, woke me up and helped me into bed where he gave me a back and foot rub!  Needless to say I was passed out in about 2 minutes.

A few hours into my nap Chris came and told me that dinner was ready.  He told me he had made steak and mashed potatoes and had a special surprise.  Well I hate to say it but I shut him down, in my sleepen stupor.  Turns out he had made an excellent candlelit dinner and I felt and still feel like ABSOLUTE CRAP, for doing that. 

So that is really the extent of our day.  I will explain next week how I made it up to him and go further into detail about our gender reveal party!

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