Sunday, March 18, 2012

Beautiful weather & Baby disco parties...

So whether or not I have posted this before I currently work night shift.  Since starting this position last year I have had a very wacky sleep schedule to say the least.  Since becoming pregnant that has gotten 10 times as bad. 

On the nights before I head into work I will typically sleep the whole night before and then the whole day of as well.  Which makes my first night well rested and fresh feeling.  On the second night back I tend to sleep for about 4 or 5 hours, which makes for a rough night.  Today I am lucky to have gotten 3 hours but I will not complain....TOO MUCH.

My husband being the cold bug he is has refused to let me turn on the air as of preggo butt is dying!!!  So as I lay down to sleep this morning I was already breaking a sweat, it was only 60 something outside and like 65 in my house.
We had all of the windows open and fans going, I turn to look at my husband who had chattering teeth and was all bundled up in his covers, we don't share, cause I like light covers and he likes heavy covers.

So finally around 9 am I fall asleep after tossing and turning and attempting to get comfortable.  When I wake up at 115pm STARVING.  This is not unusal for me, I will typically wake up at least once during my sleep needing to eat something.  So Chris makes me a sandwich and I lay back down in attempts to get some shut eye.

I toss and I turn and I turn and I toss and yet sleep prevails me......want to know why?
I will pretend you do.

Not only am I sweating still...but now the gorgeous weather has blown open my curtains, I can see the beautiful clouds in the sky.  I can hear the kids outside in our complex screaming and playing and having so much fun, and last but not least my precious unborn son is having a disco party in my uterus!

Not only is this the most AMAZING feeling but it gets my mind wandering about what life will be like Alex is here.  It is so mind boggling that just 6 months ago I would have never pictured my life where it is now, but looking forward I could not imagine it any other way. 

Everyday as I pass what will soon be his nursery I just stop and stare at his crib and bedding.  I look around and envision his changing table on this wall and his bookshelf on that wall.  I can almost see the BEAUTIFUL & COMFY glider and ottoman in that corner and it brings tears to my eyes.

It continues to amaze me that God has blessed us with this miracle that doctors said would possibly never happen.  This little man is 50% me and 50% of the man of my dreams.  It is unreal to think about.

Well be looking forward to my 24 week blog post on Tuesday!

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