Sunday, March 25, 2012

25 Weeks Pregnant

How far along today?: 25 weeks 1 day, however the picture was taken at 25 weeks.
Style:  Of course my maternity shirts, maternity jeans and gym shorts.  The weather has either been really hot all week or kinda chilly.
Growing?: Yes!
Best moment of the week?: Feeling you kicking like crazy after I ate the O'Charley's chicken tenders. Cravings: Still Penn Station and ice cream.
Baby moving yet?: Oh yes it is unreal how much he is moving around.  Feeling him roll now which is really weird.
Still nauseous?: Not really, but the OMG I am going to throw up feeling could go away, or at least give me some warning.
Belly button popped?: Definitely going to pop before you are born!
Wedding rings on or off?: STILL looking around for a matching band set for your daddy and I.
Mood: NESTING!!! I have not only cleaned our house but Grandma Bunny's also.
Gender: IT'S A BOY!!!

So we are really trying to prepare for what life will be like when you get here.  We are trying to get on a schedule for cleaning the house and such so that it will not be so hard to do it when we are dead tired. 

Mommy has been off of work for the last week and it has been so nice, but I am afraid I have gotten too used to it.  I do not want to go back to work tomorrow night lol. 

Today when I went to get lunch, was the first time I had the feeling of, "OH CRAP! I am gonna throw up right now!!!"  And without any warning I lose my lunch.  Well I could not open the car door in time, and needless to say that a small bit of it was on the window and my clothes. But what is even more disgusting is not only do I clean myself up somewhat, but as I am driving home I finish eating what it is that made me sick.

Oh and not to mention this throwing up, like I did is making me beautiful, NOT!! I have bursted the blood vessels around my eyes and on my cheeks.  I look like I have a really bad acne breakout or that I have chicken pox on my face.  SEE:

I could not get a great picture of them, but you can get the gist of it from these photos. They make me kinda self conscious.  But I can't wear foundation to cover them cause my skin is uber sensitive right now.

Oh well, stay tuned for our next update.

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  1. My morning sickness seemed to return in the second trimester too. Im only a week behind you! So it has been fun to follow along!