Sunday, June 2, 2013

Alex's 1st Ear Infection and 1st Antibiotic pt 1

So as most of you know Chris and I have both been working night shift for the pas few months.  Well this past Thursday Chris got a call from his parents, who were watching him, saying he was screaming his head off and pulling pretty hard on his right ear.  So like the good Daddy he is, Chris called me at work, let me know what was going on and I got an appointment scheduled for Alex the next day.

Chris and I had spent all day with Alex, running all sorts of errands and he was fine all day, the only we noticed was he coughed a few times, we just kinda thought it was a fake cough.  So we couldn't believe it could be an ear infection, maybe it was teeth coming in or allergies. 

However if you needed to know anything about Chris or I, it is that we had chronic ear infections as kids, Chris had 8 sets of tubes and I have 3 or 4.  

Nonetheless I took Alex to the doctor's Friday morning after I got off work.  And to my surprise Alex was diagnosed with a double ear infection and a ruptured ear drum in the right side. 

So after talking with the doctor we put Alex on Amoxicillin twice daily and he made a referral.

SOO after the days running we did not get home until about 3 pm, needless to say I was exhausted.  

We gave Alex his first dose of antibiotics and within 20 minutes he had diarrhea.    

And this leads us into pt 2!

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