Monday, June 3, 2013

Alex's 1st Ear Infection and 1st Anibiotic

So as I finished the last blog mentioning within 20 minutes of the dose of antibiotics Alex had diarrhea, now the nurse in me knows that it was probably not related but it was definitely a new thing for Alex and something to keep my eye on. 

So throughout the day Alex continued with diarrhea, I think 4 episodes in all that day, and as the day progressed his poor tushy more and more red.  After each diaper change we would let him air dry and then liberally apply Beadrueax's Butt Paste, Organic Variety.  And it did not seem to be helping.  He cried for about 15 minutes after that last change, his tush was fire engine red and as hot as a branding iron.  So this was the last straw for me.

I broke down and called the answering service line.  I needed more advice.  Yes I maybe a nurse, but when it comes to your baby feeling helpless a lot of the other ideas kind of go out the window because you have your blinders on or maybe the Supermom cape is tied a little too tight and it is affecting your thinking.

Thankfully we got to speak with a VERY helpful nurse.  She ran through a list of recommendations from Alex's pediatrician and said she would be sending an urgent note to the doctor since this was his first time on antibiotics since his stay in the NICU.  

**Let me preface this next part, these were the broad recommendations from a list that Alex's pediatrician has made up for the nurses to give overnight so he does not have to be called,  this does not mean they will work for your baby and by no means am I saying you should use them either.**

The recommendations were:

Give him at least one oatmeal bath per day
Mix mylanta and zinc oxide into a cream and apply it at each change
Start giving him probiotics or acidophilus daily
And let him go without a diaper if we could

So we took this info and ran with it, I put Alex in the tub and we waited for Chris to get back from the store.    Even while he was in the tub Alex would not sit down on his bum. he would kneel or lay on his hip but never putting pressure on his tush.  It was pitiful.
So our rigorous treatment began.  Alex played in the tub that night longer than he ever had and he loved it, other than he could not sit down. 

We tried everything but the probiotics and acidophilus and put Alex to bed. 

The next morning Alex did not wake up until about 1030 and when he did we could already see a difference in the redness and warmth.  The doctor himself gave us a call back and said that he we would also recommend putting zinc oxide on his bum every 1-2 hours until it was gone and gave us his direct office number for is we had questions. 

So after our diligent work Alex is doing much better and it is now Monday and his bum barely has any redness.  He has had only one other episode of diarrhea also.  

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