Friday, June 14, 2013

11 Months of Alex

Yes this little man is 11 months old now!!

Height: ?

Weight:  22 lbs

Diaper Size: 3

Feeding:  Nothing really new here. You are starting to become more picky, giving you veggies is becoming difficult and I believe we are going to have to sneak them to you.  We have also found that you are obsessed with chicken, fried, grilled or baked you absolutely love it.  Another new found love would be ice cream.  I find this hilarious since ice cream was my number one craving while I was pregnant. You go bananas when we have ice cream.  The next time we eat it I will have someone take a video of your reaction.  It is HILARIOUS!!  Another thing in this category would be that we switched you to almond milk.  I will be making a video explaining the switch here soon. 

Sleeping:  Still a champ and nothing new.  

Milestones:  At 11 months old you had 10 teeth, 3 molars and 7 other teeth.  You had your first ear infection, which I dedicated two whole posts on, you can read them #1 and #2.  You have taken your first few steps, which I am not "counting" quite yet.  You are more or less lunging towards where you wanna go.  For instance, our couches meet in an L shape, you will get to the middle of one couch and "take steps"  towards the other couch.  You also got your first good haircut with clippers!  Momma was a very satisfied customer for once.  Which I am conjuring up a post on and everything I have learned from it. 

Likes: Chicken, as I said above.  My expensive camera, as soon as he sees that in my hand he instantly becomes a ham.  He also has become rather obsessed with chewing on corners of board books.  And notice how I say chewing board books, he won't even think about putting a regular books to his lips. He also LOVES, LOVES, LOVES wipes and pulling them all out of the container.  And of course Mickey Mouse.

Dislikes:  I believe I may have said this in the past but you do not like to be set down when you are tired, and dislike maybe a gentle word for your reaction to this. And you are becoming very intuitive.  You have begun to relate your feeling tired to the way we carry you into your room, you know that it means it you are going to be put into bed and you do not like that either.  

Adventures:  Your first good haircut, post to come, and also swimming for the first time this year.  

Talk to ya later. 

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