Monday, September 2, 2013

52 Weeks of Blogging: What Being a Mom Looks Like (With Never Before Seen Pics!)

As it is Monday, I am back for another link-up with Becky at From Mrs. To Mama.  This week her prompt was titled, What Being a Mom Looks Like. 

The easiest way for me to describe this is by using some of my favorite unconventional photos to explain to you what I believe being a mom looks like. 

Being a mom is being dressed to the nines but still wanting to do nothing more than hold your child and love on them or having to set them on your shoulders just to get a moments rest.  Being a mom is also blurry because it all goes by in the blink of an eye and then your baby is grown and moving out. 

Being a mom is blowing bubbles, in more ways than one.  Teaching your children steps to overcome their fears but also showing them that it is ok to be scared. 

Being a mom looks like a Minnie Mouse headband and I love Mickey shirt on their birthday and not being ashamed of it at all.

Having your cake and eating it too!

Being a mom looks like late night thunderstorm snuggles, 

and first time snuggles in the NICU.

Being a mom looks like, making memories and doing whatever you can to get those smiles.

Being a mom looks like eskimo kisses,

and cold winter nights to take him to see the Festival of Lights. 

Being a mom looks like tears of all kinds.  Happy, sad and mad.

Being a mom looks like, making a fool out of yourself just to make the holidays more memorable.

Being a mom looks like a whole new favorite kind of accessory other than jewelry.

Being a mom looks like an amazing firework show,

And funny faces!

Being a mom looks like family picnics!

And a built in best friend, snuggle buddy and sloppy kisses. 

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