Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Back to the Blog (A 2 year photo recap and new schedule)

Holy cow, has it really been 2 years?!?! 

I have checked in on this little blog of mine but never did an update!

So, so, so much has changed since September 2013.

So here is a little update of things that have happened since then:

I got permanent eyeliner!

I started my own photography business.
I got a new tattoo!!            

We went on vacation...

Alex turned 2!!

I got a new job in the NICU Alex spent his first week of life in.

We went on vacation again! 


Alex won first prize in a Halloween Costume contest as the cutest Donald Duck EVER!!

We started going to an amazing new church!
My brother spent 6 weeks in Spain.
We did some home renovations!

Chris and I got baptized!

 The All Star Game came to Cincinnati!!

Alex turned 3!!!

I broke my foot....

My brother's foreign exchange student spent 6 weeks with our family. 

And that leads us to now, I finally, 16 weeks later had to have the break in my foot surgically corrected.

That about sums up the important events over the last 2 years.  Wow 2 years down to 19 pictures. And reading back over my last few posts it is amazing how much I have grown as a person, a wife and a mother. I am so excited to be back and to be able to share in this life with all of you.  My goal is to come back with a schedule, I plan to post 3-4 times per week with each posting day falling under a "category," which will be as such:

Monday - Mom Tips and Meltdowns
-Ex: experiences, do/don'ts of motherhood, nurse blogs and toddler meltdowns
Wednesday - Happy Wife, Happy Life
-Ex: cleaning, organizing, planning, marriage related posts, money
Friday - Fun Friday's
-Ex: Planners, fun nights out, photo tutorials, sticker reviews, toy reviews, fun toddler activities
Sat/Sun - Give Me Jesus
-Ex: bible verses weighing on my heart, prayers, devotionals, journaling.
I have at least the next 2 weeks off work, (I am hoping to go back then), but maybe the next 4 weeks off, I will be posting regularly and working my hiney off to get several posts written and scheduled.  I really have always love blogging and have missed sharing on my little portion of the interwebs. I am so happy to be back!   

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