Monday, November 30, 2015

Welcome Back Christopher Pop-In-Kins!

Tomorrow is the big day!

Our elf Christopher Pop-In-Kins will return from the North Pole tomorrow.  We have been talking to Alex and showing him pictures from last year, he appears excited and has been looking for him around the house already.  We have talked to him about not being able to touch his elf or that his elf will lose his magical Christmas powers.  We are not much to threaten the whole "Santa's watching" but instead that Santa travels the world to give one gift to each boy and girl to celebrate Jesus' birthday.

Last year I wasn't able to keep up with that sneaky little elf and wasn't able to catch him in all of his sneaky trickery.  But this year Santa and I have discussed and it and made plans, even put them into my planner, and we are confident we will be able to stay on top of it this year!!

My plan through the month of December will be that Momday Monday's will be our weekly recaps for Christopher Pop-In-Kins and all of his antics.

To help you get excited for tomorrow being December 1st here are some photos of Christopher from last year!

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