Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Plan With Me: Week of Thanksgiving 2015

With my recent surgery, I have not been doing too much on the cleaning and organizing front around our home lately.  Thankfully my incredible husband has picked up on the slack for me, he is way too good to me. That being said, I don't have much to say about either of those topics right now.  So today I have chosen to let you in on a little sneak peek of my planner world and show you step by step of my planning process.

When I was first starting out in the glam planning world, sitting down for a planner session could take hours, it would mainly depend on how busy that week was going to be and how focused or easily distracted I was that day.  When I have a week that I am feeling "decorative" it will take even longer as I debate where to place each sticker. 

A few things are ALWAYS the same during my planning sessions, I always plan in bed, in my pj's and you can bet there is a cold drink within arms reach.

Some weeks I pre-plan a lot ahead of time and other weeks not at all.  (The weeks I tend to pre-plan the most are the weeks of holidays, which is why there are already so many stickers down at the start of this session.)

I believe I mentioned in my last post about my planner that I have become a very functional planner, every sticker has a place and purpose.  One little extra bit I have grown to love are countdown stickers.  I love to use them leading up to big holidays or occasions.  It just helps to build the excitement day by day!  As you can see in the picture below I have 2 separate countdowns going on this week.  One of them being a countdown to Thanksgiving, I found these stickers on Etsy in a shop called, Finch & Sparrow Print . I just love her shop and her packaging is to die for!  My other countdown I have going on is a Christmas countdown and it is from my very favorite planner shop Peanut Butter Taco.  

My very favorite sticker I have laid out for this week is actually wahsi tape, which is the football field washi from scotch, you can find a similar one here. I pair the washi with a reflections football sticker and a Target Dollar Spot craft paper sticker to keep track of the score.  I do this at the start of the Bengals season as well as my brother's football season.  

A lot of the decorative stickers in this week's layout have come from freebies that came with different orders I have received in the mail.  And the black Friday shopping sticker is from my fall bucket list from One Orange Snowflake.  The weekend banner is from Mailbox Happiness as is the little page flag and get your fat pants on sticker. 

Now onto the fun part!

First  I gather all of my supplies, today I don't plan to use any washi, so these are all I will need.  These four accordian folders were all bought at Target either in the Target Dollar Spot or in the office section. They are not all full and truthfully don't contain near as much as I would like them to but they help to keep my OCD heart happy. And behind them is my bag of "colors" as Alex calls them.  It holds all of my pens, pencils, scissors and whiteout, it is simply a zippered pencil pouch I found at Walmart during back to school season.

Since I have begun to use more stickers in my planning I find I use my black PaperMate Flair more than any other pen in my collection, occasionally though I will add a pop of color for a special occasion or for something very important.

The beauties are generally the next thing I pull from by supplies.  I found these at Hobby Lobby for 50% a few months back and I am just in love with them, they are so cute and such great quality.  Since I make a lot of my own stickers still these babies are a necessity! 

The first thing I do every week in my planner is to map out the weather for the week.  I always use the 10 day forecast in the WeatherBug app I have on my phone.

The weather stickers I am loving right now are from The Paperly Bowtique.  

Now this is one set of stickers I have made for myself, then wanted to try these stickers out.  As you can see above you use a lot of some and none of others.  Now I am pretty OCD and would not be able to use one of one kind and one of another in a layout.  As much as I love these stickers from The Paperly Bowtique I can't say that I will purchase weather stickers again, I will just go back to making them on my own, it is much more cost effective.

Some may think it is silly to plan out the weather, however I use this feature in my planner for a few reasons.  The first one being that I use my planner as a scrapbook and memory book as well, so it is nice to be able to look back on a day and see what the weather was like.  The second being, I have a 3 year old to dress as well, and most days we roll out of bed and leave the house.  I am not a fan of the news so most days when we walk out the door is the first time we will come across what the temperature is.  By planning ahead I am able to more efficiently plan his outfits according to the weather.

The next thing I will do is pick a color scheme for the week.  Since this week is Thanksgiving I went with predominately orange, but also dark reds and dark greens.

After the weather stickers go down, the next sticker I always put down is a half-box in the color of my theme.  This half-box is from my favorite shop, Peanut Butter Taco, which is linked above.  On top of this half box I place a sticker I made with our church logo, and next to it I will detail what service we are going to and the series we are in. (I took that picture at the end of my planning session.)

Once these stickers are down is generally when I will add in mine and Chris's work schedule's with the stickers I made.  Chris' stickers have a little police officer and mine have a nurse and are color coordinated by our favorite colors. I got my inspiration for these stickers from Mare Bear Crafts.  

Once these are down I move onto adding my TV shows.  Now I am not much of a TV person and rely heavily on HULU to catch up on my shows.  So I like to mark when the shows I follow will have new episodes so I can check HULU in my spare time.  After I have watched each show I will check it off so I know when I am up to date or when I can justify a night in bed in my pj's binge watching TV.

So generally speaking I will pull up a TV guide on my phone and make sure there will actually be new episodes on that week and then mark them down with the TV stickers I made for myself.

Now adding in the final steps of my planning process I generally add a master to-do list in the notes section of my weekly layout.  This week I will be using a Peanut Butter Taco heart checklist in orange.

Generally speaking I add generic things that need to be accomplished during this week in this section, not things with deadlines or more firm details.

Next I will go through and add important details or firm appointments.  This week I need to add something to remind me to finish up all of my photo session edits.  I am in the middle of editing 3 different sessions, AT THE SAME TIME! Needless to say my computer is a bit overwhelming right now! I used a camera sticker from Finch & Sparrow Prints, linked above, overtop of a Peanut Butter Taco half-box.

And usually to end my weekly planning session I will go through with small dots or other smaller stickers for firm appointments. This week I used 2 different kinds, the first set is from Mailbox Happiness, linked above, they were apart of her fall kit and I cut them out to save them.

And the last ones I used were from Peanut Butter Taco, linked above, these cute little hearts come at the top of her heart checklists.  I love using them for appointments or big to-do's.  I chose to use them on Thanksgiving to help me keep track of where we need to be and when.

And that's the end of it!  I didn't have much to plan for this week, as I am not working and it's a holiday week. But nonetheless it will be a fun week!

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