Sunday, August 25, 2013

52 Weeks of Blogging: I said I would never...

So as you know it is Monday so I am doing another link up with Becky from over at From Mrs. to Mama.  She started a great idea this year with one guided post each and every Monday and I have had so much fun participating so far.  This week the topic is I said I would never....

I am interpreting this to mean that these are things I had always said I would never do as a mom, but for one reason or another I went back on my word.

1.  We would never have kids.  

Now as some of my long time readers know we were told we would have a lot of difficulty getting pregnant, and despite all of that we got pregnant without trying.  I think I had really only said this to cover up my being upset about the whole situation.

2.  I would never use formula.

Having gone through nursing school, it has been drilled into my brain that breast is best.  It was the running joke in my family, since I am so well rounded in the chest area, that I would have enough milk to feed a small country.  I was truly believing it myself.  And then Alex came, he was in the NICU and 5 floors and a very long walk away.  Getting there every two hours was easy during the day, however very hard at night.  If there is anything I can attest to postpartum, for me at least I hurt so much more at night. Topping it all off, Alex had a lot of difficulty latching, and despite the help of lactation consultants we could not accomplish a sufficient latch.  So we turned to bottles with pumped milk, however I didn't produce enough and in order to supply Alex we had to supplement.  There is still so much more I want to say on this topic so I forsee a future post about this soon.

3.  I would never co-sleep.

I was one of those nightmare children who slept with my parents, on the floor by their bed, during storms or whenever I had a bad dream until I was in my pre-teen years.  I was hell bent on it not happening with Alex, however it did, it was better for all of us.

4.  I would never use the word no or get frustrated with my kids.

HAHA!  What was I thinking.  Never using the word no was a pretty lofty goal on my part.  Now I must say it is my personal goal to not use it very often, I try to distract or find better ways to explain things but there are times when No is the only word that will work.  And as far as never getting frustrated, I am not perfect and my son is me recreated and therefor is very defiant.  This too is a work in progress.  Lets just say I am learning to pick my battles as to what is off limits and what is not and also how to close my eyes, breathe and count to 10.

5.  I would never be that mom with a crying baby in a restaurant. 

Lets face it, every mom has been there.  In our case it has not been in a restaurant, yet, but it has been at the grocery store.  Alex is just not yet at that age where I can correct him or for that matter stop him from crying if he is mad.  Now don't get me wrong, I make every effort to calm him, but I am sure you understand what I mean, it's the throw my head back, hold my breath, I am so angry right now crying.  

There just comes a point where you have to decide am I going to put food on the table or leave because he is mad I took away the toy he threw on the ground 6 times.  I do my best to explain to him that it is wrong, wait 5 minutes, which he usually stops crying in 2 minutes, and give it back to him.  If he does it again then we restart the cycle.  And as far as the nasty looks from other shoppers, lets just say I can give hateful looks right back, I am sure you were in the same situation once ladies and gents I am positive you did the same thing as a child or even made your mom feel just as embarrassed during your childhood.

Now I really can't think of anything else.  I am sure some moms would say things about having messy kids or even making their own baby food but that never struck me as important.  To me being messy as a child means you are having fun and making memories, and I don't about you all but I ate baby food from a jar with a smiling baby on the side and I turned out just fine.

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  1. I think it's good that we all ended up doing some things we wouldn't have thought because we learned that not every mom is the same. Good post!

  2. Great post! Looking forward to reading about the supplementing post too :)

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