Tuesday, August 13, 2013

52 Weeks of Blogging: My Goals for Motherhood

Like I said yesterday I am beyond thrilled to be blogging once more, however I am even more excited to be able to participate in the link-up Becky at From Mrs. To Mama is hosting.

This week the topic to pic from is Goals for Motherhood. 

So after thinking long and hard about this topic here are my goals.

1.  My very first goal and probably my most important is for Alex to know and understand love.  This may not make sense to any of you, but I feel that men in our society have a hard time showing or understanding their feelings.  I want Alex to grow up knowing how much Chris and I love him.  But I would like him to be able to understand that love is the strongest emotion there is and that it is ok for men or boys to voice that.

2.  To be a role model.  I want to be someone Alex can look up to and admire when he grows up.  I would like for him to look to me with help making decisions and value my opinion but know that I would never let him do anything to hurt himself. 

3.  Savor the moments.  This is one of the other more important goals that I have as a mother. I feel as though life never slows down and in an instant it is over.  Everyday he wakes up he is doing something new.  I want to be there for every new thing I can and document it in some form so that I will remember it. 

4.  Accomplish my goals.  In my own opinion I cannot encourage Alex to shoot for the stars and set goals and achieve them if I don't accomplish, or work to accomplish mine.  So having said that this momma will be starting back to school very soon. 

5.  Give Alex a Sibling.  Until I was 10 years old I was an only child, and as awesome as that was I am so happy my mom found an excellent man that she loved and they gave me 2 siblings.  I feel as though it taught me a different form of love but it also taught me responsibility.  I may not have liked it 10 years ago but I would not trade it for the world. 

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  1. #3 is high on my list too! Life with kids seems to go so fast and it can be so hard to slow down:)