Friday, August 23, 2013

Meet The Hubs

On this Fantastic Friday I thought I would do something similar to Joanna from Running On Sunshine.

I am sure every wife reading this post has had times in their relationship where they just didn't take as much time as they should to thank their husbands for all they do.  Currently I am feeling the same way.  And Chris would be the first to agree I say things so much better if I can write them down.  

So here I go, in an effort to thank my husband for all he does I want to take this time to write down all of my favorite things about him.

1.  You are so sentimental.  Maybe even more so than me.  You have kept every card I have ever given you in your gun safe, I wish I could say the same.

2.  You had your childhood pillow until last year!  It was gross!

3.  You hate having your picture taken, however if I pull out the puppy dog face you will sit through photo sessions for me.

4.  You are so smart and educated about anything fishing or police related.

5.  You always say how much trouble you have sleeping when I am at work, but have no trouble sleeping when I pass out on the couch.

6.  Since we are talking about sleeping, let me point out, you ALWAYS steal my pillow.  Whether I am in the bed with you or gone at work, when I wake up you have my pillow.  You say it is because it smells like me and helps you sleep better.  

7.  You are incredible with Alex, you are patient and always trying to teach him something.

8.  You would do anything I asked if I would let you fish everyday.

9.  On the topic of fishing, you had always wanted to go deepsea-fishing and when you did you got incredibly seasick.  

10.  You are such an incredible lover that I will never feel un-loved so long as you are by my side.   

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