Sunday, February 10, 2013

7 Months of Alex

I never knew how fast time could fly until this little fella was born!  I feel like I blinked and a whole month went by!  Check out last month's post HERE.

Look how well he is sitting up now!  And we have another surprise!  Read on to see!

Height:  About 28 1/2 inches

Weight:  I am guessing but I would say about 19 or 20 pounds.

Diaper Size:  Still size 3.  As a matter of fact I just bought 2 big economy boxes during the Target diaper sale and used the $20 gift card I got for buying them to get your Easter outfit!

Feeding:  You continue to do excellent with eating.  We have started giving you more solids and you are a MESSY MESSY boy!  Of course we still watch you very closely but you love to eat bananas and crackers with your fingers.  

Sleeping:  Really no change.  But since you are rolling around and such I cannot make this blog without saying that you crawled off the bed the other day after your bottle.  BUT the bed is only 1 foot off the floor and you are completely fine!  Barely even cried!

Milestones:  YOU ARE ARMY CRAWLING!!  AND YOU GIVE KISSES!!!  I may just be the happiest mom ever!  You still love to roll everywhere but you are starting to crawl more and more.  You can now sit independently for more than 10 minutes.  You know Mommy and Daddy!  You got your 2nd tooth 1 week after your first!  And your 0-6 month photo book came in!

Here is a good picture of both since last months photo was not that good!

Loves:  Your toys and crackers!  They are what you would crawl all over the house for them!

Dislikes:  Rolling or crawling into a wall.  Which you do a lot more than Mommy would like.  Hats and of course seeing food and not getting it that second!

Adventures:  You had your first play date with your cousin!!  And your first Super Bowl and Super Bowl Party!! (Post about that to come soon!)  We took a trip the park on a very odd but warm January day!  Had your 6 month check up.  We lowered your crib.  Splashed in the tub for the first time.  Had Christmas with your Aunt's Becky and Theresa!  We also booked the park shelter for your 1st birthday!!

Let's see how this next month goes!!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Alex is adorable. By the way, I also love Hercules, watched it last night actually. :-)