Monday, February 18, 2013

Alex's 1st Haircut 2-16-13

So for the last couple of weeks I have been saying I was going to take Alex to get his haircut.  Everytime I felt like I had time I just didn't have the nerve.  I knew it would be a sad event for me and probably make me cry.  

Plenty of people said that they would cut it if I didn't get it done.  And plenty of people offered to do it for me.  But in my opinion that just wasn't enough.  It's not that I wanted a stranger to cut his hair but, I knew if I knew the person who did it I may hold resentment towards them. 


So here is a picture of the before.  This was one of the weekly pictures I take of Alex every Saturday.  It was one of the deciding factors to say Saturday was the day.  And the fact that Great Clips had their $5.99 haircut sale.   

So enjoy these photos of my super big boy getting his first haircut by Sarah, the Great Clips Stylist.

And here is a picture with my boy and me after his haircut, with his certificate and his little hairs taped to it.  

Yes I did cry, especially when they cut the hairs on the back of his head by his neck.  That hair was really the only hair he was born with.  He has fuzz all over but had his own little mullet when he was born. and I was sad to see it go.

But he looks so grown up now.  Which is bittersweet.  


  1. what a sweetheart! i'm nervous for my daughter's first haircut. she's so squirmy! :-/

    1. Alex is rarely ever still! It is a miracle that I ever get good pics of him. I was hoping they would let him sit on Chris' lap, but they make all children sit on a booster, it gave me a mini heart attack but he did surprisingly well.

      I think though at salons they let the child sit on the parents lap, we just went to the local Great Clips. They did a good job but I think we will go to a barber next time.