Sunday, February 10, 2013

Liebster Award

So back when I started blogging I never thought I would actually have people read my blogs or even "care" about what I had to say.  Writing and journaling have always been a passion of mine and to be able to share that with others is an amazing thing.  

Last night I was out with my husband and our friends when I received a comment from Ileana, a mama to be who I love reading!

In her comment she commented on my Shutterfly photo book I wrote about here and she told me how she nominated me for the Liebster Award!
The Liebster, is awarded to new and upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. The award is passed onto other bloggers in the same category to help spread their names around and support one another.

If you receive this award these rules must be followed!

1.  The nominated blogger has to post 11 random facts about themselves.
2.  Answer the 11 questions the person who nominated them asked.
3.  Create 11 new questions for those the blogger has nominated to answer.
4.  Choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers to nominate and link them on their blogpost.
5.  No tag backs

11 Random Facts About Me

1.  When I change the volume on the tv or in the car, pretty much wherever a number would show up, it has to be an even number. 
2.  I am one of those crazy moms who thinks of every reason to take pictures.
3.  When facing the bed I have to sleep on the left side.  Always have, always will.
4.  I am obsessed with the Disney movie Hercules.
5.  I hate cooking.
6.  I am a Pinterest-a-holic!
7.  I find it incredibly irritating when someone who works in the health field does all of the things they tell their patients not to do.
8.  I have recently found a new love for online shopping, mostly because now that Alex has outgrown his infant seat and it is just too much work lol.
9.  I am so thankful that my son is starting to look more and more like his dad.  All I ever wanted while was pregnant was for Alex to be healthy and for him to look like Chris.
10.  People think my brother and sister are my kids ALL THE TIME.
11.  I could never move away from my family.

My Questions From Ileana

1.  How would you describe yourself in three words?  Genuine, loving, and OCD.
2.  What is one thing you do just for you?  Blare the music when I am in the car by myself or work on our photo books on Shutterfly.
3.  What was one of your resolutions this year?  Have you kept it?  I wrote about my resolutions in this post.  The one I wanted to work on the most was to go to Church more.  I would say so far so good.  We have gone every other weekend apart from one, which was when Alex had RSV.
4.  If you could change one thing about your life what would it be?  We would not be behind on bills ever and I would actually have a decent savings.
5.  How do you feel about chocolate?  I think it might just be better than sliced bread!  But seriously I love it, but in moderation.
6.  What is your biggest phobia?  That would be something happening to Alex.
7.  Why do you blog?  I blog as an outlet to help remember our lives right now.  When I am old an grey I want to be able to relive as much as possible.  
8.  Dogs or Cats?  Definitely dogs!  I am really allergic to cats and I find them incredibly unpredictable which scares the pants off of me.
9.  What is your most embarrassing moment?  I had to think about this one for awhile.  But what I could remember would be:  When Chris and I had been dating for awhile we went to a party at his brothers house.  I really didn't know his family very well yet.  So I was glued to his hip.  While we were in the kitchen with "the guys"  we were eating chili, and in Cincinnati we eat noodles with our chili, well someone said something funny and one of the noodles went down the wrong tube.  I started coughing and hacking and when I finally cleared it I made the comment, "I choked on my noodle."  And needless to say none of those men can let me live it down.
10.  What is your favorite TV show?  It's a toss up between Grey's Anatomy and Pretty Little Liars.  
11.  What is your guilty pleasure?  Well if you follow me on Instagram you saw that it is a nice drink with friends.  

My Nominees

Stephanie @ The Happy Life Wife
Brittany @ Myers Family
Emily @ Life's a Beach
Justin @ Double Trouble

I really can't find anymore bloggers that I follow that don't have more than 200 followers already.  All of these bloggers are excellent!  They have made me laugh and cry.  I highly encourage you to check all of them out!

My Questions for My Nominees

1.  Why do you blog?
2.  What is your favorite song?
3.  Who do you look up to most in your life?
4.  What are you most proud of in your life?
5.  What is your quirkiest quality?
6.  If you were President for a day, what would you do/change?
7.  If you could have a beer/beverage with Jesus, what would you say?
8.  Think back to when you were a kid, is your life now better than you pictured?
9.  If you could pick a career different than the one you went to school for or currently do, what would it be?
10.  What is your favorite dessert?
11.  What is one of your long term goals?

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