Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 12 I am a worn out woman.

For day 12 I am instructed to tell you what wears me out as a woman...

Well I am going to give you my honest answer here and say bra's!! My family knows that my chest is not small, but I am thankful that it could actually be bigger.  I would have to say that out of everything I put up with daily the one thing I cannot stand the most would be my bra! 

When I get home from work it is the first thing I want to take off!  When I am at a dinner or party trying to showcase my "girls"  I cannot wait to get out of the bra! 

When the time comes each year that I have to buy new ones it is like I have to travel to hell just to find one I like that offers the support and coverage I want but also gives me the cleaveage I desire. 

So while I am on this rant I hate shopping for underwear as well.  I like to buy a variety of but I hate the looks I get at checkout when I am purchasing thongs and boy-shorts together.  It's just like come on!  Let me cover my ass and I will pray to god you keep covering yours!!

Other things that tend to wear me out are the cliche's about women belonging in the kitchen and that they should be the ones to cook and clean and yada yada.  UMM hello, if a woman can serve on the front line just like a man can you can clean the kitchen just like a woman can.

And I am going to end this here before I even get stared on my rant aboiut PMS-ing and mother nature's monthly visit!

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