Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Favorite MAC product

Well I must admit that over the years I have splurged on a few MAC products and recently have been eyeing the MAC counter thinking, if only we had the money.  But if I am being honest with myself I will never wear any of it!! Except for a few occasions a year and even then I find that I like other products so much better!

My favortie MAC product in my collection right now is a lip gloss in a light pink shimmery shade.  The number sticker has peeled off but I just love it!  When I wear it I typically put on the lipgloss then cover it with a clear chapstick.  It really brightens up my eyes but I feel it makes my teeth look dingy. 

On my wedding day I wore no MAC products and it is my opinion that I looked my best ever on that day. 

So this just goes to show you, you dont have to pay top dollar to look your best.

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