Saturday, April 28, 2012

Glucose Tolerance Test & Insomnia

Oh the wonders of pregnancy!

First there are vials and vials of blood, then ultrasounds and cold gels on your stomach.  And then before you know it you are a28 weeks and it is time to do the dreaded.....


YUCK!  If you are lucky you only have to do this test once, you have to give up one hour of your life and one tube of blood.  For the first time around your doctor will give you a drink that is 50 grams of sugar in 10 oz of fluid.  UGH, but I have to say it is not that bad. 

Here is how the sugar content of some of the most popular drinks stack up:

12 oz can of Coke: 39 g
20 oz bottle of Coke: 65 g
1 liter of Coke: 108 g

20 oz bottle of Mt. Dew: 77 g
1 liter of Mt. Dew: 124 g

8 oz of Rockstar Energy Drink: 31 g
16 oz of Rockstar Energy Drink: 62 g
8.3 oz of Redbull: 27 g

8 oz of Vitamin Water: 13 g
20 oz of Vitamin Water: 33 g
8 oz Sobe Mango: 29 g
20 oz Sobe Mango: 70 g
8 oz Arizona Lemon Ice Tea: 24 g
20 oz Arizona Lemon Ice Tea: 72 g
8 oz Snapple Lemon Ice Tea: 23 g
16 oz SnappleLemon Ice Tea: 46 g
8 oz Minute Maid Lemonade: 27 g
20 oz Minute Maid Lemonade: 67 g
8 oz Orange Juice: 24 g
16 oz Orange Juice: 48 g
8 oz Apple Juice: 26 g
16 oz Apple Juice: 52 g
6.75 oz Capri Sun: 18 g

8 oz Nesquik Chocolate Milk: 29 g
16 oz Nesquik Chocolate Milk: 58 g
8 oz Westsoy Vanilla Soy Milk: 8 g

So when you think about it 50 g of sugar is not that bad compared to some of the things you drink everyday.  It is just a lot to take in 10 oz of liquid.

 They give you the drink and you have five minutes to drink it and then they take your blood in 1 hour.  They generally want your blood sugar to be under 120 when they test your blood.  If it is higher than that they will have you do the 3 hour glucose tolerance test.

Now if you are like me and have the joy of failing this test the first time you get to move onto the mac daddy of sugary drinks.

You are reading it right, there are 100 GRAMS OF SUGAR in this little 10 oz drink.  Another little fun bit that goes along with this drink is the fact that my doctor wanted me to fast for 12 hours prior to doing the test.  And if Chris learned anything from me doing this test, is NEVER stand between a pregnant woman and food.  I was BEYOND bitchy heading to the testing site.

I am sure it did not help that I went to bed at about 8pm the night before, in attempts to keep my ass away from the kitchen.  And since I have the lovely diagnosis of pregnancy insomnia I woke up at about 2 in the morning and could not fall back to sleep.

I layed in bed, while my stomach howling, playing on my phone from 2 in the morning until about 5 when I decided I would go ahead and shower since we had to leave at 7.  Well 20 minutes later my shower was done, I had lotion on, I was dressed and ready to go, with WAY TOO MUCH TIME TO KILL.

This is one of the downfalls of no cable, I sat on the couch watching my ABC shows on my phone and listening to my stomach growl until Chris got up at 630.

We got to the testing site, mind you Chris used to work here, so he knows EVERYONE, all I wanted to do was start the damn test but instead we seemed to get stopped by everyone who just wanted to talk. 

Finally I get to the lab and the lady takes the first vial of blood.  She hands me the 100 g drink and says you have 5 minutes to drink this, lemon lime is THE WORST!, and then come back here in 1 hour.

You would think that drinking all of this sugar would make someone want to bounce off of the walls in the waiting room but you would be worng!!!

About 30 mintues into the test Alex is doing absolute somersaults in my uterus and I am about ready to fall asleep leaning on Chris's shoulder.  I know my husband brushed his teeth before we left that morning but in my bitchy tiredness his breath smelled like absolute poop!!! Which did not put me in a better mood each time he looked down at me and asked me how I was doing.  But I have to give him credit cause he was the best husband ever during this test.  He waited patiently in the lobby with me for 3 hours.

With each hour that passed I began to think more and more about the food I could not have and like I told the lab tech, "I feel like I am planning my last meal."  So three hours and 3 tubes of blood later Chris and I were on our way to EAT! FINALLY!!

Only you wanna know what a pregnant woman wants to eat when she has had nothing for 15 hours?  Well so does she, because she is now so hungry that she has NO CLUE what sounds good.

We wound up at our favorite wing joint and my eyes were MUCH bigger than my stomach was of course, so I wound up with a box of leftovers and was seriously about to crash from all of the sugar!

But I was happier than a lark when we got home and I could crawl back into my warm and cozy bed and take a nap.  During that 2 hour nap I felt like I made insomnia my b**** and I got a really good 2 hours in.  Then the darn alarm went off.

I had some errands to run that afternoon.  Just to the post office then to pick up a package from UPS.

You know what NO ONE told me about this test.....the fact that I was going to get a killer headache from the sugar dump.  :/ I should have expected it, and it was not the worst I have ever had, thanks to my spinal tap, but it sure complicated driving in the sun!

So I got my errands done and you know what I did, I came back home at about 8, put on my pajamas, put in a movie and went right back to bed!  Which is where I stayed until 4 this morning, I can vaguely remember Chris crawling in next to me at about 1 am, when once again I awoke to the howling of my stomach! 

Welp I am gonna self medicate and head back to bed before work tonight.
So I hope you all enjoy your rainy Saturday, cause I will be catching some ZZZZ's.

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