Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bigger than expected....

So as I begin to type this I realize I could have just added it into my weekly pregnancy blog, which is coming, promise!!   But I feel like I have so much more to say about it than what I typically post in my blog.

So this past week I went to my very 1st OB appointment throughout this pregnancy, ALONE.  I was not mad or upset about it, Chris' schedule was screwy and he definitely needed sleep, so sleep I let him.

But I have to say I definitely noticed him not being there.  Typically we walk in the door of this office, and everyone and their mother stops us and says hi to Chris since he used to work there.  Well Tuesday I walked in and not a single person said hi, or stopped to ask how we were doing.  I didn't quite mind though since it had taken me an hour and 15 minutes to get there with traffic.  Let's just say it was probably for the best that no one did say hi.

I check in and I think the lady recognizes me but we don't carry on our usual conversation of how she hates this new computer system and that she is really dreading the move, when the new building is done.

I get to the waiting room and not even 10 seconds later I am headed back to begin my appointment.  I deposit my urine, yes I said deposit, over the past almost 8 months I have peed in enough cups to set the tables at a White House dinner with them and still have some left over.

I give my weight, YAY!!! Down 2 pounds in 2 weeks!  I probably should not be as happy about this as I am but when I hae already put on 20 pounds and still have 10 weeks to go I think I can be happy about it.  Cause it gives me nightmares thinking that I will probably gain AT LEAST a pound per week from here on out.

Then we head into the exam room.  The med tech takes my vitals which are normal, as always, blood pressure 117/71 and pulse 101.  <---- My pulse has been the only thing other than my weight that has increased since the beginning of this pregnancy, but that too is normal since my blood volume has doubled. 

The med tech records my vitals into the computer, asks if I have any concerns for the doc, which she has never asked before..... so I think about it for a second and say, "Well as a matter of fact, someone just remarked last night how small I am, can she tell me if I am measuring on track?"  She marks it down and leaves the room.

Then came the wait.  This seemed like the longest wait in my history at the doctor's office and as I sat there twiddling my thumbs, it hit me, it seems so long because I am alone, my best friend/husband is not here to entertain me, or fart and make me laugh, or share the latest news he is reading on his Channel 9 news app. 

So after what seemed like 30 minutes, but was probably only 10 in comes the doctor and she begins her exam.  She starts by listening to my heart, asks me about the cardiologist I had been seeing, and then about my neurologist.  I report that at my final visit with the cardio she said everything was perfect just a racing pulse and that the neuro said no issues right now, but to continue to watch some of my symptoms.

She then lays me back to measure my uterus.  This is where I get interested.  She said, "So someone said you looked small huh?"  I said, "Yeah, I feel small too but I am not gonna complain, cause I am sure in a few weeks I will be bigger than a house, but that kinda stuff just gets inside your head."  She got her measurement, then took another, and another.  Finally she looks at me and says, "Well, you may look small to some but you are measuring 3 weeks bigger than you should."  My eyes had to be the size of fish bowls cause she said, "Nothing to worry about right now,  it could just be the way he is positioned or the amount of fluid you have in there. But it does mean you get your ultrasound earlier than expected to see just how big he is."

She then proceeded to listen to his heart rate and it seemed like we listened for 10 mintues.  I just love that little galloping sound!  I still think about buying myself a doppler, but know at this point I could probably hear his heart rate with my stethoscope.

So we schedule my ultrasound and another appointment so she can tell me the results of said ultrasound.  And the first day that truly works in our schedule, yes ours, cause I am never going to an appointment alone again, is next Friday.  Which is also the day of our first baby shower.  :) Now I will have some current photos of my sweet boy for his first party. 

Well ta ta for now.  Expect a dual update on Saturday. 

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