Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nesting, Nesting, Nesting.

So Alex, with your first baby shower being tomorrow I must say Mommy came home this evening and began her cleaning spree.  I want so much to be able to come home and put all of the amazing things I am sure you will get away.  

I am hoping that your Daddy will be able to get your dresser out into your room tomorrow also.  Hint hint!!! :) 

So all of your clothes so far are fluffed and folded and your room is clean, but bare I must add. Your crib and the bedding are cleaned and assembled, your Toy Story friends are hanging in the toy hanger, your bookshelf already has some books on it, and Mommy spends A LOT of time day dreaming in your door way of all the memories you will make in that room.

With all of that said Mommy wants you to come like NOW, but I know it is much more important for you to continue to "cook" and get bigger, and more healthy.  Plus I have a lot more work to do still.  

Oh yeah!!! I forgot to mention we got your cradle this week.  This cradle is very special.  Your Great Grandpa and Great Grandma made it over 30 years ago.  Almost all of my cousins and myself have slept in it in the first weeks of our lives and it makes me so happy that you are going to sleep in it too.

Tomorrow we have another big milestone in this pregnancy.  We have reached the time where the doctors do the fetal weight/growth ultrasound to see how big you have gotten.  From what the doctor said it is a little earlier than she would normally do it, but since my uterus is measuring ahead, she said better safe than sorry. 

Welp I am back to cleaning while I wait for your Daddy to get home from fishing. See you tomorrow!

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