Sunday, May 6, 2012

30 Weeks Pregnant

How far along today?: 30 weeks and 4 days
Style:  Still the same clothes. 
Growing?: My fundus, or the top of my uterus is 3 weeks bigger than expected.
Best moment of the week?: Being able to distinguish what you are kicking me with.
Cravings: Definitely cheese. You are definitely your father's son.
Baby moving yet?: He is a night owl for sure.  His main hours I have noticed to be from about 11pm to 3am.
Still nauseous?: Nope, not unless it has been too long since I ate.
Belly button popped?: It is one deep canyon not a belly button
Wedding rings on or off?: STILL looking around for a matching band set for your daddy and I.
Mood: Been a pretty happy camper, but nesting has FOR SURE settled in!
Gender: IT'S A BOY!!!

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